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REHAU and BMS School of Architecture Celebrates World Design Day

India, 3rd May 2024 – In a pioneering initiative that blends education with practical industry exposure, REHAU, a leader in providing comprehensive interior solutions, has partnered with the BMS School of Architecture to mark World Design Day. This collaboration highlighted a panel discussion featuring eminent personalities in the field of architecture and design, alongside an engaging contest for students.

The event, held at the BMS School of Architecture, featured a vibrant panel including REHAU’s own Mr. Lakshmi Pacha and Ms. Debjani Karmakar, alongside esteemed Bangalore architect Mr. Mayur Raiyani. The discussion cantered around the theme of cutting-edge design innovation and the role of REHAU’s advanced products in fostering the growth of future architects.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Mr. Lakshmi Pacha, VP (Strategic Projects), REHAU India said, “We were delighted to share insights and engage with the bright minds at the BMS School of Architecture. REHAU is committed to delivering solutions that not only push the envelope in terms of design and functionality but also promote sustainable building practices. It was truly inspiring to see the enthusiasm of the students and their readiness to incorporate modern technologies into their future projects.”

The discussion delved deeply into the necessity of integrating sustainability with architectural design, a challenge eagerly accepted by today’s aspiring architects. Panelists explored how REHAU’s innovative materials and technologies play a pivotal role in this integration, pushing forward the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable architecture.

Mr. Mayur Raiyani added, “This panel was an excellent opportunity for students to grasp the complexities of modern architectural demands and the innovative solutions that address them. Events like these are essential for stimulating innovative thinking and preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow’s architectural landscape.”

Speaking on behalf of the BMS School of Architecture, Dr. Shaila Bantanur, Director, emphasized the significance of World Design Day as a platform for such discussions. “World Design Day serves as a beacon for architects and designers worldwide to come together and celebrate the power of design. Collaborating with industry leaders like REHAU provides invaluable exposure and real-world insights for our students. It allows them to explore cutting-edge technologies and materials, enhancing their understanding of contemporary architectural practices. Such partnerships not only enrich their academic experience but also better prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in their professional careers.”

Highlighting the day was a contest among the architecture students, who were challenged to create forward-thinking designs. The competition culminated in an award ceremony where the winning student xxx was recognized for his/her innovative approach and received a prize courtesy of REHAU, underscoring the company’s support for emerging talent in the architecture field.

This event not only reinforced the partnership between REHAU and the BMS School of Architecture but also emphasized both organizations’ dedication to nurturing the next generation of architects committed to sustainable and innovative architectural practices.

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