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Ramya Swamy to exhibit her art work at 5th Awadh Art Festival

Ramya Swamy, a visual artist from New Delhi, India is going to exhibit her artwork at the 5th Awadh Art Festival at the Visual Arts Gallery India Habitat Centre, New Delhi is going to be held from 2nd to 6th February 2023. This is a group show. This is a collaboration with Awadh Art Festival after a successful art camp at the National Crafts Museum.

Ramya Swamy

About the artist:
Ramya Swamy, a visual artist from New Delhi, India.
She loves using textures and lots of colours to achieve maximum effect in her work. The colourful paints get her excited and her creative juices spill onto the canvas to form a vision of the emotional experience what she went through to create the artwork. Her distinctive personal style emanates feelings of joy , peace and express the vibrance of our human spirit. Her artworks have been featured in a number of group and solo exhibitions both online and in person in national and international art galleries. Also, she has won several awards for the same.

“Colours are a reflection of my emotions just more tangible” Said artist Ramya Swamy

About her inspiration behind the artworks to be displayed:

She wants the viewer’s eyes to absorb the colors and textures to touch something deep inside our psyche by creating artworks with a free flowing imagination through deeply layered picturesque
landscapes this time.These works are reflections of the time she needed space. Her aim was to create the illusion of vast spaces as she travel to them through her mind’s eye and intuitively use colorful shades and strokes to emote herself.

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