Pre-Budget Quote 2023 : CS (Dr.) Adv. Mamta Binani

CS (Dr.) Adv. Mamta Binani

CS (Dr.) Adv. Mamta Binani, Past President ICSI & President of MSME Development Forum WB said, “Micro, small and medium enterprises are among the most important pillars of India’s economy and the government should work to make the sector stronger and more developed. The expectation from the upcoming budget is to bring some relief to the MSME sector which has been reeling under challenges since the pandemic. We look forward to a budget which offers a roadmap for heightened economic revival, with greater spending on infrastructure and enhanced incentives for corporate capex. We believe that the country is still on track to achieve the $5-trillion vision by 2025 and expect a host of reforms aimed at empowering the start-up and entrepreneurial culture while augmenting healthcare and allied sectors. Technology, manufacturing, and R&D comprise the future of India and we look forward to initiatives aimed at making India a global super-power in these frontiers. Access to finance has always been a growth barrier for the MSME sector, as small business entrepreneurs do not have enough assets to offer as collateral. Lastly, I believe that the upcoming Union Budget will help with the overall GDP and creates more demand and job opportunities in the wires and cables industry.”

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