Pre-Budget expectations from FMCG, Manufacturing & Auto brands – Rage Coffe, Yash Pakka, Myles

Bharat Sethi, CEO & Founder Rage Coffee

 By Mr. Bharat Sethi, Founder & CEO, Rage Coffee

“From this year’s budget, we expect a focus on bolstering the startup economy in India. Despite the spell of low funding and conservative market sentiment, we believe that this year’s budget will provide relief to customers with major modifications to the tax slabs. It would be beneficial for the FMCG marketplace as well, since we are driven by customer sentiments. Resultantly, we also expect greater investment flows into the segment.”

Yash Pakka –

We hope that the budget will be more capex and expansion friendly. Given the urgency for an increase in production capacity, the current need is the filip to promote industrial expansion – Neetika, Finance Head, Yash Pakka Ltd.

Ms. Sakshi Vij, Founder, Myles Cars

Electric Vehicle adoption is at an inflection point in India. While the commercial/logistics sector has seen a good adoption, the individual vehicle owner is still on the fence. If the budget addresses issues such as high initial cost of ownership through incentivizing individual vehicle owners EV adoption will see a boost. Ease of registration, electric bill incentives as well and carbon footprint-saving incentives could be a step in the right direction for individual travelers as well.

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