Planet Smart City partners with Tree-Nation to plant more than 1,200 trees globally as part of its sustainability commitment





India, 9th August, 2022 – Planet Smart City, an innovative proptech company that designs and builds large-scale smart, affordable housing projects to tackle the global housing deficit, has partnered with Tree-Nation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that enables businesses and individuals to contribute to reforestation to offset CO2 emissions, mitigating climate change while supporting local communities, creating jobs and protecting biodiversity.

Since Tree-Nation’s establishment in 2006, more than 390,000 people and 9,300 businesses have joined its projects, helping plant more than 19 million trees worldwide. The organisation identifies reforestation projects which are managed by national NGOs and must comply with VCS-Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, and Plan Vivo standards. It currently has 90 active projects in 25 countries.

Reinforcing Planet’s commitment to improving the communities where it operates, its partnership with Tree-Nation will initially see 1,260 trees planted in Brazil, India, and the UK – one tree for each person who works at Planet Smart City – resulting in more than 520 tons of CO2 absorbed during the lifetime of the trees. With ambitious plans to expand its operations around the world, Planet has also pledged to plant a new tree for every colleague who joins the Group.

Lise Rosat, Head of ESG at Planet Smart City, said: “Planet’s partnership with Tree-nation is a positive step regarding the awareness raising effort on climate change within Planet employees. Forests are essential carbon sinks and Planet recognizes reforestation’s vital role in climate change mitigation and ecological conservation. We also recognize that tree planting is not sufficient by itself as a long-term solution, nor is it as a substitute for reducing our GHG emissions, which is our priority.

“In terms of environmental sustainability, Planet Smart City is in the process of using the GHG protocol to assess its overall CO2 emissions and will soon have a baseline which will be used to set up targets to mitigate our impact on the environment. “Our research team is also focusing on developing smart solutions that will help Planet, its partners, and residents to make rational use of energy resources.

“Through energy management tools, the team promotes improvements in measuring and reducing energy consumption, aiming at CO2 emission reduction on residential areas when fossil fuel is used”.

This will further strengthen Planet Smart City’s ESG positioning in India since the brand has a Joint Venture with Kolte-Patil Developers Limited to develop 15000 housing units.

The details of the project, including more information on the trees planted, species, and CO2 offsetting, are reported via a page dedicated to the partnership:

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