Patanjali provides free consultation in association with Yes Madam!

Patanjali provides free consultation in association with Yes Madam!

One of the biggest benchmarks of ‘Yes Madam’s’ success journey has been achieved as it proudly enters an exclusive partnership with ‘Patanjali.’ This is an amalgamation of at-home services and Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, to uplift customers’ moods, refresh their minds and heal them from all ailments, without even stepping out of their homes.

‘Yes Madam’ is an at-home unisex salon service brand, that provides all beauty and wellness services at the convenience of customers’ homes. And ‘Yes Madam’ is extending their wellness services to Patanjali’s special therapies and treatments as well. The best part is Patanjali is providing free consultation in association with Yes Madam! Serving PAN India, ‘Yes Madam’ is now creating the benchmark by providing the best in the industry facilities, hygiene, and beauticians who only use genuine branded products.

Patanjali and Yes Madam had collaborated from 2nd November to bring, to bring wellness treatments to the masses at the convenience of their homes. The service brand believes it is a big step forward in bringing wellness treatments from the pioneers to the households.

The brand’s inspiration to collaborate with ‘Patanjali’ came from the sheer motivation of bringing wellness and treatments at the convenience of customers’ homes, which fulfills the brand’s purpose: making the lives of customers easier by providing services as per their convenience and requirements.

“People had to travel long distances to take Patanjali’s special therapies and treatments, and that’s where the idea came from. With this collaboration we wanted to bring wellness to your home, keeping in mind that they still remain affordable and the essence is also not lost. So basically, Haridwar se aapke dwar tak” said Mayank Arya, Co-Founder of Yes Madam.

The treatments will be provided at the comfort of customers’ homes by ‘Yes Madam’ professionals who have procured training from the main centre of Patanjali and are certified for Patanjali Treatments. As an inaugural deal ‘Yes Madam’ will be giving out doctor’s consultation for free and then the customers can choose to take the treatments on their own or post-consultation.

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