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OneTo11 wins Top Crypto Project at DeFiLive London


Gurugram, 13th December 2021: OneTo11 – the world’s first blockchain gaming ecosystem has recently been awarded the Top Crypto Project at DeFiLive London. The event showcased the hottest DeFi Projects and the biggest tech breakthroughs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain. Hosted in London, the event featured leading players and pioneers of the blockchain and DeFi industry.

As part of winning the award, OneTo11 has also secured an exclusive partnership with Zebu digital and Launchpool to empower marketing and token launch.

Delighted with the win, Anirban Chatterjee, the Co-founder and COO of OneTo11 said, “It’s not just the victory but winning at such a big platform against top projects in the DeFi sector is what makes this moment special. The exposure and networking possibilities at this wonderful event have propelled our success trajectory.”

OneTo11, India’s first Social Networking Fantasy Mobile application features multiple games that cater to the unique personalities of its diverse gamers. It offers Fantasy sports applications for sports enthusiasts, Mobile game applications for casual gamers, Gamified learning applications for knowledge-based competitions and RPG metaverse games for hardcore gamers. All the games are conceived and designed to employ the Play-To-Earn model where gamers are paid consistently for their time and skills invested in the game.

“Our entire ideology behind OneTo11 is to create the infrastructure where gamers can earn a consistent income from gaming. We want to transform gaming from an entertainment activity to sincere monetary engagement. In the OneTo11 ecosystem the governance, economy and even the direction of development will be decided by the gamers using the decentralized model of blockchain technology.” – said Tirath Sharma, Co-founder and CTO of OneTo11.

Currently, OneTo11 has a user base of over 1.5 million and 16 million transactions facilitated within a year of launching. Furthermore, the platform will be launching the first public sale of their 1TO11 governance token and the NFT marketplace in the upcoming months. In 2022, the platform also plans to launch multiple games and expand to European and North American markets to fully galvanize the gaming community with the Play-To-Earn model powered by Blockchain and NFT technology.

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