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OML Entertainment’s landmark campaign for OPPO India, features legendary Zeenat Aman…

19th October 2023: OML Entertainment unveils a cutting-edge campaign #MadeToBeIconic in partnership with OPPO India, presenting the OPPO Find N3 Flip. This unprecedented & creative collaboration gracefully bridges the generational gap with unmatched style and sophistication, bringing together legendary actress Zeenat Aman’ with the trendsetting Jhanvi Kapoor, sharing screen space for the first time ever.

The landmark campaign is truly iconic as it marks the return of the revered former Miss Asia Pacific International and winner of several accolades and awards, the heartthrob of the ’70s, model and actress Zeenat Aman’s much-awaited comeback. The fiery and charismatic campaign carrying an international allure and star-studded ensemble, introduces OPPO India’s opulent OPPO Find N3 Flip smartphone, boasting a distinctive design, HASSELBLAD camera, and an extraordinary flip with a seamless foldable option, positioning the OPPO Find N3 Flip as the epitome of style clubbed with fun and functionality in 2023; a torchbearer of tech-enabled fashion.

The multi-faceted team at OML Entertainment has crafted the campaign with tasteful imagery and panache, elegantly encapsulating the harmonious blend of generations, accentuated by the captivating hashtag #MadeToBeIconic. On October 11, 2023, the esteemed actors took to Instagram to unveil this groundbreaking alliance. The ad, set within the opulence of a grand mansion, exudes luxury, with two different genres of iconic actresses seamlessly synchronizing their movements, unveiling the phone’s revolutionary selfie camera from various angles and through strikingly attractive poses.

Zeenat Aman and Jhanvi Kapoor infuse the campaign with layers of allure. The ad concludes with Jhanvi Kapoor gracefully answering a call and declaring, ‘I am with an icon,’ in a touching tribute to Zeenat Aman, followed by a warm exchange of smiles and a shared selfie between these two celebrated actresses, further highlighting the phone’s game-changing selfie camera. The campaign cleverly addresses the fact that legends never go out of style and are reinvented by every passing generation, further positioning the OPPO Find N3 Flip, as a versatile phone for every generation.

Ever since its launch, the quintessential campaign has been stirring up significant attention and affection across various social media platforms. As part of the campaign’s promotional efforts, endearing and heartfelt reels and posts, marked with the hashtag #Gen Z-eenat to GenZ, are making a significant splash in the realm of social media.

Jhanvi Kapoor takes center stage, exuberantly recreating Zeenat Aman’s most iconic and unforgettable outfit, complete with the feather boa, curve-hugging sequined gown, and silver headband, all while radiating joy and confidence. In return, Zeenat Aman graces her own post, stylishly donning Gen-Z attire, lauding the young actress, and engaging in playful and friendly banter. The iconic actress underscores the timeless nature of fashion and graciously imparts her wisdom on the reciprocal exchange of style insights between generations.

Oppo India_OML campaign_Image 2

The ever-charming Zeenat Aman was quoted speaking of the OPPO Find N3 Flip’s timeless appeal – “So many phones are all about teenagers – young 20-somethings having a great time. But this one – it’s not just them. It’s for everyone. It’s timeless but it’s still so cool. It makes me feel like I don’t just have a phone in my hand – I have a creative partner. And if that’s not iconic – I don’t know what is.”

Jahnvi Kapoor was quoted speaking about the phone’s fabulous Flexform selfies and universal appeal- “The Flip is a stunning phone with the tech and the performance to back it up. I am a total selfie person and the experience I had when taking Flexform selfies – it was something else. But what I love most about it is – it’s not a trend – it’s a phone that is timeless and elegant. It’s not made with just one generation in mind – its appeal is universal. That’s what makes it iconic.”

Roycin D’souza – Vice President from OML Entertainment was quoted as saying, “OML Entertainment carries a legacy of amalgamating star power with branded campaigns, enabling brands to capture the eye of a larger audience. OPPO India a leading innovator in smart devices technology, and empowers users with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

The #MadeToBeIconic campaign for OPPO’s #FindN3FlipPhone is an unparalleled and monumental endeavor. It marks the historic first by uniting brand ambassadors from two different generations in a single frame. The presence of Zeenat Aman and Jhahnvi Kapoor sharing the limelight, is nothing short of magical and iconic. This campaign carries an international allure and unveils OPPO’s new range with a timeless elegance that is nothing short of remarkable.”

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