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Nruthya Madappa elevated to Partner at 3one4 Capital

Nruthya Madappa

Nruthya Madappa

Bengaluru, April 25, 2023: 3one4 Capital, a Bengaluru-based early-stage venture capital firm, today announced the elevation of Nruthya Madappa to the role of Partner. Nruthya, who leads the Growth and Capital Development team, has been instrumental in driving the consistent success of 3one4 Capital’s impressive portfolio of startups.

Since joining 3one4 Capital in 2020, Nruthya has been a driving force behind the firm’s expansion. She has helped steer portfolio companies toward success by securing funding, driving revenue growth, and facilitating successful exits. Her expertise in technology, finance, and economic policy has helped her identify and support some of the most promising companies that include Open, BetterPlace, and Kapiva in India’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

As a Partner, Nruthya’s background in creating and growing multiple businesses to market-leading positions, both as a venture capitalist and previously at high-growth companies, makes her the ideal partner for founders in growth-stage scaling. She collaborates deeply with exceptional founders and mobilises a global set of resources and relationships to amplify their scale. The deep involvement model that is embedded in the firm’s DNA at 3one4 Capital has significantly heightened in coverage thanks to her contributions.

Pranav Pai, Founding Partner at 3one4 Capital, commented, “Nruthya’s elevation is a testament to her unwavering dedication to the venture practice and her exceptional commitment to delivering consistent performance. We are proud to have her join our partnership and look forward to seeing her continue to drive outsized results for our portfolio companies.”

Anurag Ramdasan, Partner at 3one4 Capital, added, “Nruthya’s extensive experience in creating and scaling businesses, coupled with her talent for identifying and supporting some of India’s most promising startups, make her an ideal partner for founders seeking to build market-leading companies from India.”

Commenting on Nruthya’s elevation to Partner, Anand Anandkumar, Founder of Bugworks Research said, “Nruthya’s steadfast dedication to nurturing the ecosystem has been critical to Bugworks’ triumph in securing high-quality follow-on investors, especially in the face of a daunting fundraising landscape. Nruthya’s compassionate leadership style, coupled with her unwavering positive attitude, make her a role model for aspiring leaders to emulate.”

“Nruthya’s elevation to Partner at 3one4 Capital is a testament to her exceptional work in early-stage investing. Her consistent support and hands-on approach have been critical to our success as a healthcare startup. We’re thrilled to see her take on this new role and are confident that she will continue to make a significant impact in the startup ecosystem,” added Mudit Dandwate, Co-founder, of Dozee.

The elevation of Nruthya Madappa to Partner underscores 3one4 Capital’s commitment to building leaders from within and supporting the growth and success of its portfolio companies. As the firm continues to scale and expand its presence across the Indian startup ecosystem, it is confident that Nruthya will play a pivotal role in shaping its future.

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