News18 Network’s Earth Day Campaign to Promote Environmental Sustainability

Earth Day

April 24th, 2023 – News18 Network is launching ‘India Pedh Lagao’ on Earth Day which is on April 22. This is one of the largest tree plantation drives, to raise environmental awareness and motivate people to support the cause of growing more trees. The initiative aims to inspire individuals to make a positive impact on the environment and take a pledge for a greener earth.

As a part of the campaign, people can take the Tree-fie Challenge on social media challenge wherein News18 anchors and other social media influencers will ask viewers to share a Tree-fie (selfie with a tree or plant) tagging News18 social media pages. News18 will shortlist the best Treefies and showcase them on-air. Winners will also get exciting prizes*. By participating in this campaign, people can contribute towards the conservation of our planet and showcase their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The campaign aims to leverage the power of social media to spread awareness and create a positive impact. The channel will use hashtags like #News18Treefie to increase engagement. News18 will also collaborate with top-notch influencers to further amplify the campaign and increase participation. The channel will use its various news programs to promote the campaign and encourage viewers to participate. News18 will also partner with NGOs and schools to spread the word.

India Pedh Lagao campaign is an excellent opportunity for individuals to contribute towards a greener earth and make a positive impact on the environment. News18 Network encourages everyone to participate in the campaign and pledge towards a greener earth.

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