Mirchi’s RJs come through to help Delhi fight the second wave of COVID-19

Mirchi’s RJs

Mirchi RJs Naved, Sayema, Rochie, Vidit, and Leen used their radio shows and digital presence to help Delhites fight the second wave.

The second wave of COVID-19 cause severe disruption, stretching the healthcare infrastructure to its limits. As the number of cases touched new peaks, India Inc., non-profit institutes and individual lent a helping hand during the need of the hour. Mirchi’s RJs have also come forward to help people by leveraging their clout and reach.

In an effort to aid their listeners, Mirchi’s RJs posted multiple shoutouts on their social media platforms putting up requests for oxygen cylinders, ventilator beds, plasma donors, medicines and vaccine slot availabilities, and connecting people with verified leads and trusted sources. Leveraging the power of radio and its unparalleled network, the Mirchi RJs were able to further amplify resources and information, aiding people across the city.

With an aim to make a difference and aid the country as it fights the global pandemic, RJ Sayema, RJ Naved and RJ Roochie have used their radio shows and digital network to help citizens. RJ Sayema created awareness and shared verified information around oxygen cylinders, plasma donors, and third party vendors on her social media handles. RJ Naved, on the other hand, used his quintessential humour and engaged people in light-hearted conversations that steered their minds away from the current situation. For instance, one of his very well received videos was that of a call to an old man who wanted his life to end. But RJ Naved engrossed him in a jovial banter, reminding him of the beauty of life and how we can continue to smile even through the toughest of situations.

Watch RJ Naved’s heartfelt conversation here –


Overwhelmed with the support of these RJs, a number of followers wrote back thanking them for all their help. “Thank you for sharing my request on Radio Mirchi. As soon as it was aired, I got a number of calls with people ready to help.”, said one of the beneficiaries who required plasma. Another beneficiary wrote back to RJ Vidit saying, “Your announcement has helped my mother and two of her friends get the help they needed. Everyone who reached out said they heard the request on Radio Mirchi. Thank you for sharing it.”

The cases in Delhi have, quite significantly, hit a downward curve with the increase in vaccination drives. Mirchi’s RJs continue to aid their listeners with important information on vaccination and COVID-19 updates.

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