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MAXSUN at Computex 2024: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations

TAIPEI, June 8, 2024 — Computex 2024, held from June 4-7 in Taipei, showcased the latest technological advancements. MAXSUN Technologies stood out with its impressive booth design, innovative products, and a perfect blend of technology and aesthetics.


Exhibition Highlights:

1. Innovation Zone:

MAXSUN revealed several groundbreaking products, including the MS-Terminator H770YTX D5 WIFI motherboard, praised for its design and optimized DIY aesthetics. The concept back-to-back motherboard MS-Terminator B760BKB D5 also debuted, allowing the graphics card to be installed on the back, enhancing performance.

2. Dream Nexus:

Signifying ‘Setting Sail on Dreams,’ the Dream Nexus section highlighted MAXSUN’s creative prowess. This area featured Limited, a lively and charming IP, and showcased themed products and merchandise. The Dream Nexus combined creativity with technology, making it a favorite among visitors.

3. Concept Art Graphics Card Backplates:

Several concept art graphics card backplates were introduced, showcasing unique design and imaginative concepts, appealing to the young market and trendy culture.

4. AI Trend Zone:

MAXSUN explored AI technology with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series lineup, featuring advanced cooling and higher energy efficiency. These GPUs enhance the RTX-accelerated AI experience, delivering unparalleled graphics performance.

5. Next-Gen Mini PCs and NAS Hosts:

MAXSUN’s mini PCs and NAS servers, equipped with cutting-edge technology, officially debuted. Their compact size and powerful performance redefine home and office computing, offering enhanced productivity.

Innovative Product Lineup:

1. MS-AiCraft MTL-H:

A high-performance AI mini PC integrating the Intel Meteor Lake-H platform, designed for demanding AI tasks. It features HDMI 2.1 for smooth video output and supports multiple high-speed Type-C ports.

2. MGG White Series:

The MS-GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER MGG White OC16G graphics card boasts a sleek design and superior gaming performance.

3. GeForce RTX 4060 LP 8G:

A compact, high-performance graphics card for small form factor cases, providing powerful AI capabilities and exceptional graphical rendering.

4. BTF Series Graphics Cards:

Featuring magnetic detachable backplates, these cards hide power cables for a clean, aesthetically pleasing look.

Event Highlights:

The opening day set a lively tone, attracting numerous visitors with positive feedback. MAXSUN’s products and displays left a lasting impression, fostering anticipation for future developments. MAXSUN engaged with key industry partners, including Intel and AMD, strengthening collaborations and exploring market trends.

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