magicpin kicks off hotspot events with a pre-pandemic feel


magicpin, India’s largest savings app which connects local businesses with consumers, organised a series of innovative live hotspot events to reconnect with consumers in the post-pandemic world. At a time when businesses and people alike are seeking to go back to normalcy, magicpin decided to take the first step in connecting their partner brands with the end consumer. The first of such events was organised at Gurgaon’s Sector 29 market.

A branded balloon arch, balloons at each of the partner brands, standees across the square and in front of the outlets created a truly festive atmosphere which attracted kids and adults alike. At the same time, magicpin offered new user codes and partner brands offered a 50% off on the first transaction to benefit the consumer. This event, and subsequent ones in the pipeline, aim to rekindle the joy of going out and shopping at your neighbourhood stores.

magicpin prides itself on offering a digital platform that connects local brands with retail consumers. By partnering with magicpin, the local brand is able to create an instant digital profile to reach a large customer base, while the consumer benefits from a plethora of offers in every conceivable field from a variety of brands, all in the neighbourhood. Blending the brand identity with consumer need, this is a win-win situation for both.

While a local brand needs a digital footprint for better reach, one cannot ignore the comfort and trust which comes with bonds formed in an offline world. magicpin meets this need by bringing the digital and offline worlds together. In the words of Anshoo Sharma, CEO and co-founder of magicpin, “We are in an era where we have the perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds – one needs the other to not just survive, but thrive. It is our constant endeavour to ensure that every brand is able to grow their identity without having to worry about setting up new systems, or worry about heavy budgets to burn their pockets. This is especially true as they rebuild from the ground up post-pandemic”.

To further this, a live event was organised from August 15-30 in Sector 29, Gurgaon. A hotspot of activity and a popular destination in the F&B space in the city for the past many years, the event witnessed a high volume of footfalls as magicpin created a buzzing atmosphere. Similar activities are happening across hundreds of localities across the country.

magicpin co-founder Brij Bhushan rightly sums it up, “Brands and consumers alike are taking baby steps outside the digital world. In such a scenario, what everyone seeks is an atmosphere of safety and trust. This event is a continuation of steps to strengthen this relationship between our partners and the end consumer”.

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