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Learn what’s Inside Coca-Cola’s T20 Kit with Consortium Gifts

Learn what’s Inside Coca-Cola's T20 Kit with Consortium GiftsAs the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 gets closer, the excitement is not just about the cricket matches. Coca-Cola, a big name in the beverage industry, has partnered with Consortium Gifts, the official merchandise partner, to make the event special for fans. This year, over 300 Coca-Cola team members will attend the ICC T20 2024, each getting a travel kit worth INR 8,000 each. The kit includes exciting goodies namely Thums Up T-shirts, collectible glasses, World Cup-shaped keychains, premium gym duffle bags, and sweatshirts to name a few. New items have been added this year, such as an Assembly branded overnight bag, a Dailyobjects card holder, a travel adapter, a waist pouch, laptop stickers, a tumbler from the premium Boardroom Collection, a Puma cap, and a keychain. These great additions will make the event even more memorable for everyone.

Sharing his insights on the exciting collaboration between the brands, Mr. Gaurav Bhagat, Managing Director, Consortium Gifts, said, “Some of the event’s direct sponsors, like Coca-Cola, are very active. They have organized internal and external contests, sending stakeholders to match venues in person. Additionally, they are creating a lot of collateral for contests run in collaboration with their bottling partners. Other brands with a close association with the game are running contests for their dealers and distributor channel partners. Some retail brands and food chains are also producing memorabilia for contests and as gifts with purchases. Despite the distance and time zone differences, it promises to be an action-packed tournament with a lot of buzz. As the official merchandising partner for Coca-Cola at the ICC T20 2024, Consortium Gifts is thrilled to bring innovative and memorable merchandise to cricket fans worldwide. This partnership highlights our leadership in the corporate gifting industry and our commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable products. Major events like the ICC T20 not only drive economic growth but also provide us with a platform to showcase our dedication to enhancing fan experiences through unique and personalized gifts. We look forward to continuing our journey of growth and innovation in the years to come.”

Coca-Cola’s ICC T20 merchandise, made by Consortium Gifts, shows their strong partnership and focus on quality and innovation. This teamwork goes beyond this event, with Consortium Gifts planning future deals with big brands like Jumbo King, Burger King, PVR, and McDonald’s. The Coca-Cola team will look great in stylish Adidas jerseys, made for both players and fans, bringing everyone together and boosting national pride. This year’s useful and special merchandise makes the fan experience even better and celebrates the exciting cricket event.

Discussing the global communication efforts for the event, Mr. Sourabh Daswani, National Sales Head of Consortium Gifts, said, “This year’s ICC T20 World Cup in the USA was a unique challenge! Making merchandise for passionate Indian fans cheering from afar is very different from doing it for fans at home. But that’s what makes collaboration exciting! At Consortium Gifts, we teamed up with Coca-Cola to create exclusive items that capture the T20 spirit and appeal to fans worldwide. Remember the limited edition Thums Up T-shirts we made last year? They were a huge hit! This time, we’ve stepped it up with a special Assembly branded overnight bag—perfect for Coca Cola representatives traveling to the USA to see the action live. These small touches make the merchandise special and help create a lasting connection between brands and fans.”

The ICC T20 World Cup is a worldwide celebration of talent, passion, and sportsmanship. Coca-Cola teams up with Consortium Gifts to offer fans high-quality merchandise. This partnership strengthens Coca-Cola’s brand, improves the fan experience, and creates an exciting atmosphere both in the stadiums and at home.

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