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L4 Venture Builder Takes Minority Stake in Vermiculus

STOCKHOLM, March 15th 2023: L4 Venture Builder, an independent investment fund with capital for investments in the ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship will take a minority stake in Vermiculus Financial Technology, specialized in providing state-of-the-art technology to exchanges, clearinghouses, and CSDs. Both sides have signed an agreement defining the terms of the investment which will include a transaction of USD 5,55 million by L4 to fuel Vermiculus accelerated growth. The transaction is expected to close in the coming weeks.

Founded in 2022, with committed capital of R$ 600million by B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (B3), L4 Venture Builder is one of the main investment funds with capital committed by a single Brazilian corporation. The purpose of the investment fund is to empower entrepreneurs bringing technology and reliable solutions to Brazil focusing on innovation and development.

Pedro Meduna, one of the co-founders of L4, commented “This minority investment is part of the implementation of our strategy to advance entrepreneurs who through superior technology and robust solutions deliver true innovation and progress to several markets. After thorough due diligence, L4 has decided to invest in Vermiculus, a company with high potential for growth that runs a unique technology business. We are excited about Vermiculus’ strategy and plans that are in-line with the type of high growth investments that L4 will carry out.”

Vermiculus Financial Technology is an independent, global provider of high performing technology to exchanges, clearing houses, and CSDs. Created by a group of former leaders from Cinnober Financial Technology, Vermiculus begun its operations in 2020 as a response to a noticeable gap in the market between supply and demand, as well as a need for independent providers of the most modern technology.

Vermiculus has since established itself as a key-player in the market through its focus on innovation as a result of its unique microservice architecture, market expertise, and customer-centric way of working. Consequentially, it has gained customers of a global capacity.

Taraneh Derayati, CEO of Vermiculus, reflects “The journey has been fantastic so far. We deliver on our promises and through the most modern technology on the market and transparent, agile project model bring value to our customers. This investment by L4 affirms that we make a difference to our customers and that our technology is the future.”


Chairman at Vermiculus, Pedro Meduna, Co-founder L4VB

“This investment will allow for the acceleration of Vermiculus’ growth strategy, already on a steady course forward, and at the same time we will keep our independence.”

Nils Robert Persson, Chairman of the Board at Vermiculus
Vermiculus has a unique stock option program for its employees, where they will own the majority of the company regardless of external investment. Such external investments are primarily focused on being able to continue the path of growth and continued innovation.

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