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Keep your house protected from pigeons with Clensta Pigeon Repellent Spray


New Delhi, June 2021: Even though we are living in a cosmopolitan environment, we have been increasingly crossing paths with pigeons and at times this encounter does lead to diseases and infections. From the growing focus on health and cleanliness, it is important that we protect our home from the germs that are being spread by pigeons without harming the birds in any way. Clensta, an IIT Delhi-backed startup has come up with a solution to keep pigeons, who are known to carry germs that often cause lung-related ailments, at bay.

The Clensta Pigeon Repellent Spray is a unique product that has a concentrated formulation that helps to confuse and disorient pigeons to keep them off and away from their nesting sites without causing any harm to them. Pigeon droppings are a huge problem not just in terms of cleanliness but also it is very hazardous to human health as it contains nitrogenous waste instead of ammonia.

In the homecare range,

Clensta has formulated Pigeon repellent spray with active ingredients that consist of oils and antimicrobial agents which not only chase away pigeons but provides a germ-free surrounding. The technology is based upon the non-non-invasive method to disorient pigeons as the layer by layer adhering of essential oil-based ingredients helps disorientation of pigeons without causing any harm to pigeons as well as humans.
This formulation is also eco-friendly as it is made with the use of EBDC Technology that is patented by Clensta International and approved by the ethical committee at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. The Pigeon Repellent has the fragrance of lemon grass, it comes in a 150ml infinity bottle and a concentrated formula in a 25ml bottle Once consumed it can be prepared at home by adding 25 ml of concentrate in the infinity bottle and adding 150 ml of tap water, It is ready to use after shaking for 1-2 minutes.

Enhanced Bioactivity of the ingredients to degrade the micro-organisms along with the cleansing technology i.e. EBDC Technology, the trademark technology of the brand. The science behind the product is that it has been formulated with synergistic effects of two or three active ingredients to enhance the efficacy of the system of preventive care. With this technology, the active ingredient will be compressed in the “smart concentrate” form that can be used to prepare the preventive care products specialized in providing a healthy and safe environment to individuals. The system of safe synthetic and natural ingredients has been formulated that will not harm any individual or even pollute the environment on regular usage.

The product would be available at your nearest retail store and online at Amazon as well as Clensta’s e-commerce portal at INR 199 for a refill and INR 599 for 1 ready bottle and 2 refills.

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