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Kapture CX launches AI-Powered Automatic Quality Assurance (QA) to scale customer service

India, June’24: Kapture CX – a leading Gen AI-powered CX platform has made another strategic move to transform the traditional quality assurance process with the launch of AutoQA. Integrated with robust AI algorithms, the new Auto QA helps automate QA processes, analyzes vast amounts of data, and identifies trends to improve agent performance and customer sentiment.

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For the past few years, quality assurance has been a manual and time-consuming activity. The QA managers have had to spot agent interactions manually, which usually end up taking weeks to provide results. To address this concern and boost the efficiency of the process, Kapture CX has launched Auto QA which utilizes AI and ML algorithms and provides end-to-end analysis of the agent’s performance over chat, email, calls, social media, and other communication channels within seconds.

Elated with the launch of Auto QA, Sanchit Sood, COO of Kapture CX said, “The launch of Automatic Quality Assurance marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize and elevate the QA process for contact and service agents. The innovation would significantly free up the bandwidth of contact centre leaders from tactical tasks, so they can focus more on the strategic initiatives .It demonstrates our vision to empower businesses in ensuring consistent excellence in customer interactions, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

In addition, Kapture CX adds hyper-personalization to Auto QA by allowing the users to configure the dashboard and define parameters and sub parameters to score each agent. It also enables fine-tuning of the scoring system by evaluating each parameter based on its significance to boost the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

By automating the mundane QA tasks, Auto QA frees up QA managers from manual grading of agent performances and guides the contact centre to focus on targeted improvements that ultimately boost customer satisfaction, advocacy, and loyalty, subsequently enhancing the company’s revenue.

Furthermore, Auto QA provides in-depth analytics about the QA and generates extensive reports to provide data-driven insights to determine the targeted improvement area and make informed decisions for customer service improvement. It empowers businesses to gain deeper insights into customer interactions, beyond just listening.

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