Johnny Cassell’s Upcoming Dating Workshops

London, United Kingdom, January 24, 2023 — Popular UK dating coach Johnny Cassell has just added another two workshop dates in both London, UK, and Los Angeles, USA. Both dating workshops will run on 28th January. The workshops provide an opportunity for those attending to transform both their dating and social life in the space of a day.

About Johnny
A question for those new to the field of dating and personal development is, Who is Johnny Cassell?

Many years ago when Johnny himself was new to dating, he also suffered from the same issues as so many other guys do when it comes to approaching women, and ultimately getting success with dating. After a long period of not getting much success, Johnny decided to be proactive and do something about it.

Johnny decided to take quite dramatic steps to deal with these issues. This included reading a variety of books on the subject, breaking down human behaviors, and micro-analyzing how those who are naturally gifted would act in this environment. After studying the area for some time and developing a strategy, Johnny then threw himself into the dating scene.

He quickly started to build his self-confidence and then set about trying to fulfil his potential within the dating scene.

After devising his own recipe for success, Johnny then decided to pass this knowledge on to others, who could in turn start to unlock their full potential.

But Do I Really Need a Dating Coach?
This is a common question and one that many will ask at some point in their dating journey. In short, if you feel very low in confidence and self-esteem, and you simply don’t feel like you are making any progress with dating, then the answer to the questions is more than likely a resounding, yes.

Johnny and His Team
Johnny has a great team of handpicked experts, all with their own personal areas of expertise. They include personal stylists, body language experts, and conversationalists. Together, they are able to cover a range of different issues, which includes:

– Confidence Training and Self-Esteem
– Conversation Techniques and Tonality
– Mastering Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication
– Dealing with Social Anxiety and/or Shyness
– Chat Up Lines / Indirect and Direct Conversation Openers
– Methods to Project Positivity
– Self Image
– Creating your Dating Profile and developing strategy and goals

Taking Positive Action is the First Step
Making a big change can be a difficult step. Many of us can procrastinate forever, and until you make a firm commitment, in many cases, things just won’t change.

When you sign up for Johnny’s dating workshop, he will give you the tools to help put all the various theories into practice and help you to unlock you full potential.

If you want to get involved in either of Johnny’s upcoming workshops on 28th January, call Johnny on +44 7595 934 219, or speak to him or a member of the team through the live chat facility on the website.

Alternatively, you can choose remote dating coaching, one to one coaching, or the 7-day intensive program. Contact Dating Expert Johnny for more information.
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