ITC Sunfeast Mom’s Magic shares happiness hack with #HugHerMore campaign

Moms magic

CHENNAI: In today’s fast-paced world, stress levels rise for a variety of reasons. Often, we resort to watching content online, gaming and spending time on social media to de-stress and relax. On the contrary, spending time and physical closeness with our parents is decreasing as work and other social obligations take precedence. However, a recent social experiment conducted by ITC Sunfeast Mom’s Magic shows that ‘hugging mom’ was the most powerful stress reliever for the protagonist, giving him a boost of happiness.

To propagate this message, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic this new year launched a nationwide campaign #HugHerMore, with an objective to encourage everyone to hug their moms more frequently.

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic conducted a survey with 321 participants across Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai in collaboration with Crownit to ascertain how hugging one’s mother, has changed over the years.

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