Indian Overseas Bank is now Integrated with TN Govt for all Treasury collections


Chennai: Indian Overseas Bank is now integrated with TN Govt’s IFHRMS (Integrated Finance Human Resource Management System) portal designed for collection of all treasury receipts. IFHRMS portal is developed as a comprehensive management system by integrating Human Resources and Financial services to improve operational efficiency. Indian Overseas Bank is now authorized to collect all the receipts of Tamil Nadu Government under IFHRMS portal through both offline and online.”

Indian Overseas Bank has also joined PFRDA in promoting pension and retirement planning. In this connection, IOB has launched an NPS Campaign until 31st October 2021.

About Indian Overseas Bank

Founded on February 10, 1937 by M. Ct. M. Chidambaram Chettyar with the twin objectives of specialising in foreign exchange business and overseas banking, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) has ever since created various milestones in Indian Banking Sector.

IOB is today a leading public sector bank headquartered in Chennai (India). The bank has the distinction of simultaneously commencing operations in three branches at Karaikudi, Chennai and Yangon (Myanmar). Since the bank aimed to encourage overseas banking and foreign exchange operations, it soon opened its branches in Penang and Singapore. Today, Indian Overseas Bank covers a vast domain in the banking sector with over 3216 domestic branches, 3223 ATMs and 4 overseas branches.

IOB is now aggressively focussing on ‘Digital Banking’, with a view to doing away with all the paperwork like cheques, pay-in slips, demand drafts and so on, through its robust digital platform. Through Digital Banking, IOB wants to give its customers the luxury of freely accessing and performing all traditional banking activities 24×7 without having to personally go to a bank branch to get one’s work done. Digital Banking with IOB is possible through a laptop, tablet or one’s mobile phone. Over the last few years, Digital Banking has drastically changed the way IOB and its customers interact with each other. More and more IOB customers are today being connected to its Digital Banking platform with each passing day.

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