How influencers are dealing with the massive industry competition

Influencer marketing is a great tool when it comes to increasing visibility for businesses and creators. Right from marketing content-building skills, and entertainment to enhancing marketing strategies, influencer marketing is a key aspect of most brand communications. With so much evolving in this industry, more and more people today want to switch to becoming full-time influencers and thus increasing the competition within the industry.

“Although influencer marketing is not something everyone can excel at, it is definitely much more accessible than most digital marketing avenues. With the rising number of people becoming influencers, brands have more options at hand which in turn makes it increasingly difficult for influencers to increase their visibility and get brand deals. Having said that, networking with the right people and building authenticating connections along with of course evolving in your content are key areas every influencer needs to capitalize on.” shares Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur from the popular influencer duo – That Couple Though.

Don’t take things too personally

First things first, competition exists in every industry so even if you do feel overwhelmed by the increased pressure to perform and be out of the box, know that is completely okay to just be yourself. There’s no need to get stressed or anxious, in fact, take things at your own pace. Being original and yourself makes the audience relate with you and thus will also help you in crafting original content.

Niche Down

If you haven’t already done this, a great way to improve your visibility is to niche down to a specific industry. If you are a new parent, focusing on baby products, education, insurance, and finance, etc. can be a profitable sector to build a specific audience. Just replicating trendy music and dance steps to communicate your point is not going to b enough. Influencers need to develop their own communication style. The audience is very well able to identify when an influencer is completely focused on delivering quality and non-plagiarised content and starts taking you more seriously. Over time, this helps get stronger brand deals too.

Conversion Evidence

Every time there is a brand collaboration, make sure you back it up with stories about its impact on the brand. Did it increase their sales, their followers, or inquiries in general?

Add the statistic to your page so other brands can also know of the value you bring to the table.

Network, Collaborate & Build Sustainable Relationships

For times when you feel there is not much activity going on, network with businesses closer to your niche and have a friendly collaboration with them. This could include hosting a dinner party where brands can get to know you personally and together you’ll probably discuss plans ahead. Building intimate connections like these will help you add a personal touch and make the brand feel valued thus giving you an edge in the competitive influencer industry.

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