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GeeksforGeeks announced the successful completion of Geek-O-lympics 2021 event

New Delhi, July 2021: GeeksforGeeks, recently organized the 2021 edition of its annual event, Geek-O-lympics 2021. This event is solely dedicated to the technical domain of coding and receives active support and participation from the tech community. This year’s edition of the event was indeed competitive and tough but was equally rewarding and fun and was filled with an adrenaline rush!

Geek-O-lympics is one of the funkiest events of coding summer and is a mix of coding and gaming events designed not just to test one’s skills but also to gather active participation from the people and reward them with exciting prizes!

The USP of this event was that there weren’t any registration fees or participation charges, eligibility criteria, limitation on the number of participants, etc. Yet it offered a platform where coding enthusiasts could participate and take home exciting prizes!

Geek-O-lympics was a fun and frolic coding event with various challenges and competitions lined up so as to ensure that the participants could enjoy while being involved in the techie process of coding. The various activities lined up in the event were-

1. Coding Try-Outs: This was a two-day interview series that focused on preparing the students for leading industry organizations, Flipkart and Paytm respectively. The participants were given 1 question in an hour and it lasted for 90 minutes with a total of 3 questions. They had the option of joining the event and answering the questions whenever they were ready.

2. Easiest Coding Competition Ever: As the name suggests, it was one of the easiest competitions that have been organized in the history of coding. Here the participants were thrown with a set of 8 questions on DSA. They were given one hour and they had to solve as many questions as possible. The one who had solved the maximum number of questions in that stipulated timeline was announced as the winner.

3. Job-a-thon (Hiring challenges):This was a one-of-its-kind hiring challenge that lasted for three days and the competition was for internships, as well as for freshers and experienced candidates. Each challenge was of a duration of 2 hours and had 4 parts. It witnessed participation from various key industry organizations so as to provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to the winners.

4. Meme-nastics: Yes, you heard it right! It’s not Gymnastics, it’s Meme-nastics!! A meme-making competition was also the part of the coding event and people got templates to go creative and make innovative memes on themes of coding and technology. This has been incorporated solely because let’s face it, we all love to make memes!

5. CheatCODE: GeeksforGeeks provided a compiled workbook consisting of a variety of DSA related resources along with some practice material. This was made available to all the participants throughout the event so that they could download it and keep it handy to take assistance and move forward while facing any trouble in the various challenges.

To know more about the event, Geek-O-lympics 2021, and further initiatives of GeeksforGeeks, please log onto their website and follow the brand on its official social media handles as well-

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