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Evolv Today Launches THRIVE, an Online Program to Equip Teens with Growth Mindset and Social-Emotional Learning for a Future-Ready Generation

Mumbai, July 4th, 2024: Evolv Today, a leading organization dedicated to developing social-emotional skills among teenagers, is proud to announce its innovative Program for teenagers THRIVE. Spearheaded by Shruti Verma, this program is designed to equip teens with essential skills to flourish in life with emotional intelligence, set positive goals and achieve them, have and express empathy towards others, build positive relationships, and make responsible decisions, giving them a competitive advantage in their personal and professional growth.

Evolv Today acknowledged the growing demand for a holistic SEL education and has partnered with top schools in various countries to roll out the THRIVE Program. The program is thoughtfully designed and well-constructed to help teenagers practice managing their emotions, positively building relationships with others, and developing responsible decision-making skills.

“Evolv Today is committed to fostering a generation of empowered, empathetic, and resilient individuals. Our THRIVE Program is a testament to this commitment, offering teenagers the guidance and support they need to navigate the complexities of the modern world,” said Shruti Verma, Founder and CEO of Evolv Today. “We believe that by equipping teens with a growth mindset and robust social-emotional skills, we are laying the foundation for a future-ready generation.”

THRIVE Program offers many fun and interactive modules such as:

Mindset Mastery (Building a growth mindset in teens): How to help teenagers make the most of challenges and feedback and continue to persevere when things get tough.

Emotional Intelligence: Educating adolescents through developing self-awareness and an understanding of their emotions, as well as the skills to regulate them.

Development of Relationships – Including Improving the Skills Necessary to Create, Establish and Maintain Healthy Interpersonal Relationships

Responsible decision-making: a social/emotional learning standard and strategies approach that focuses on giving teens the critical thinking skills to work through tough decisions, identify problems/issues in their community, formulate solutions based off of healthy resources (rather than destructive choices) and so forth.

Students enrolled in the THRIVE Program have been reporting positive results, including higher levels of confidence and academic achievement as well as connections. The impact of SEL education on producing balanced individuals capable and ready to take their place in an uncertain rapidly changing world is evident from these early successes.

The organization’s approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, ensuring that the programs are both effective and impactful.

Evolv Today invites educators, parents, and community leaders to join in this mission to empower the next generation. For more information about the THRIVE Programs and partnership opportunities.

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