Everbridge hosts APAC Resilience Roadshow to help enterprises boost organizational resilience

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Bangalore, 10th September: Everbridge, a global software company that automates and accelerates organizations’ operational response to critical events, is hosting the ‘APAC Resilience Roadshow’ on the themePowering Enterprise Resilience”. The event featured keynote addresses and panel discussions by noted speakers, along with a free resilience assessment for enterprises. The APAC resilience roadshow will be held across 8 cities in the Asia-Pacific region, with three stops in India – Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore on the 6th, 7th, and 9th of September respectively.

Through the event, the firm hopes to shed light on the need for robust operational resilience to protect people, businesses, es, and infrastructure. It examines the future of resilience, common challenges in building operational resilience and ensuring business continuity, and to what extent organizations can prepare for a crisis. The event also sheds light on the paramount role of technology in allowing organizations to respond, adapt and grow safely and securely.

A ZDNet report cited APAC as the most targeted region of 2021, taking on one in four cybersecurity attacks globally. The APAC region is also 4x more prone to natural disasters than the rest of the region. By offering its critical event management solutions in the region, the firm plans to unlock business opportunities and act as a partner to firms in their resilience journey.

“The past two years have served to be a definitive wake-up call for business leaders and security professionals all over the world, particularly in the APAC region. Critical events such as a global pandemic, civil unrest, severe weather events, terrorist attacks, and supply chains disrupted the very foundation of businesses, and forward-looking leaders began not just focussing on recovery, but also prioritized the strengthening of organizational resilience systems. At the end of the day, organizational resilience can be achieved only through a robust, unified response system across both physical and digital infrastructure.” says Tracy Reinhold, Chief Security Officer, Everbridge.

“Everbridge was instituted with a commitment to keep people safe and business running faster, and this roadshow is another step in this direction. We are heartened by the excellent response in India, and look forward to our upcoming events in the APAC region.“, he adds

The events featured reputed keynote speakers such as Mr. Daman Dev Sood- EY, Ms. Ratna Pawan- EY, Mr. Alexander V Chacko- Infosys, Captain Sanjay-Wipro, Mr. Yogesh Kumar – Tata, Mr. PA. Mahendran – Philips. Through this roadshow, the firm hopes to expand business in the region and target accelerated expansion in the upcoming years

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