DP Jewellers launches De Beers Code of Originat their store in Indore

Indore – The consumers of the future are changing and a new generation of socially and environmentally active consumers are emerging who want to increasingly associate with products and brands that have strong values focused around people and bettering the planet. To cater to such consumers, De Beers launched their trusted diamond program – Code of Origin at DP Jewellers, who craft finest jewellery with beautiful and rare diamonds.

The De Beers Code of Origin is a trusted source programme that reflects De Beers’ deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility, so the consumer can be proud of where the diamonds come from. The De Beers Code of Origin is proof that the diamonds are natural and conflict free and were discovered by De Beers in Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa where they have helped provide jobs, education, healthcare and wildlife conservation.

Each piece of jewellery comes with a 12-digit code beginning with the letters DBM engraved on it. The code, that can also be viewed on the De Beers Code of Origin card accompanying each piece of jewellery, also offers a guarantee to buyers that the diamonds in their jewellery are 100% natural, traceable, sustainably sourced.

“It gives us immense pleasure to have associated with a brand like De Beers and feel honored to launch the‘Code of Origin’ programme at our store in Indore. Offering authentic natural diamond jewellery in 0.08 carats and below with a guarantee of ethical and sustainable practices is an added benefit to our consumers.” said Mr. Vikas Kataria, Managing Director, D.P Jewellers.

“As a brand we strive to bring the best offerings that reinforce our values and benefit our customers. We look forward to our longstanding relationship with the De Beers.”said Mr. Anil Kataria, Promoter, D.P Jewellers.
“The De Beers brand brings to its Indian consumers the Code of Origin programme that provides complete transparency about the source and journey of their diamond jewelry through our trusted retailer partners. The De Beers Code of Origin guarantee will make our consumers not only feel good about owning and wearing a De Beers diamond but also an assurance that they are sourced by a company committed to carbon neutrality and are committed towards their 2030 Building Forever Goals. By purchasing a jewellery piece with a De Beers Code of Origin inscription, consumers themselves are contributing to our 2030 Building Forever mission to make the world a better place,” said Sachin Jain, Managing Director, De Beers India.

The De Beers Code of Origin is part of the larger vision of the brand for a better future through 12 sustainable goals based around leading ethical practices across industry; partnering for thriving communities; protecting the natural world; and accelerating equal opportunity.

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