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Doers and Auto Parts Hub Merge to Form Beyond Garage

Doers and Auto Parts Hub Merge to Form Beyond Garage

Hyderabad: Beyond Garage, one of the leading cars and bike repairing and servicing solutions providers, has been formed after acquiring the Bangalore-based successful vehicle service company Doers and Hyderabad-based spare parts supply company Auto Parts Hub. Beyond Garage has merged both the companies for an undisclosed amount and arrangement and moved both the organization resource and facility under one umbrella.

Beyond Garage is a prominent firm in the market recognized for its car & bike services and for supplying spare parts across the major cities. The firm enjoys a unique advantage over all other multi-brand car and bike service providers out there because of its high-end offerings in the car and bike servicing and repairing segment. The brand scrutinizes and selects the right professionals who strive to work hard with a customer-first approach and provide the best service to their customer base. Additionally, the firm’s offerings and processes are designed to provide transparent, affordable, and quality service to their customers as per their comfort.

Doers was founded by Mahmud Kotebagil, where the company’s primary focus was towards providing bike and car service across Bangalore, Hyderabad, and tier-2 cities of Karnataka. Doers operated as an independent company for more than three years, and it was completely bootstrapped. Doers have catered to thousands of customers within a short period with a great history of customer growth and retention. It provided the service for car and bike owners and to businesses like renting businesses, corporates, etc. The company’s uniqueness was about customer experience, prompt response (within 40 min), detailed report and estimation before work, optimal solutions for the problems faced by the users, and extended warranty on every service, which ranges from 30 days to 5 years.

Auto Parts Hub (APH) was founded by Hyderabad-based successful business person Mr. Nirav Modi, who’s now the Director of Beyond Garage. The company mainly supplied all the genuine major parts, oils, OEM, and reputed aftermarket parts like Bosch, Lucas, etc. Auto Parts was founded in 2016 with a vision of solving the challenge of getting the parts for vehicle owners and local garages. The company operated across Telangana and other parts of Andhra Pradesh and was well known for delivering the parts to customers within a couple of hours of placing the order at a lucrative discounted rate.

Commenting on the merger, Mr. Mahmud Kotebagil, CEO & Director, commented, “Being one of the facilitators of the mechanics firm, Beyond Garage is committed to making a difference in car and bike servicing space. This merger will ensure that customers get what they want. What both the erstwhile companies used to offer separately, Beyond Garage will now be offering under one umbrella, bringing it all on one platform and offering convenience to the customers.”

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