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coto welcomes Ankita Gupta, CEO & Founder at Digitactix, as their new Community Advisor

National, 02 April 2024: coto, a leading community-driven platform, proudly announces the addition of Ankita Gupta, CEO & Founder at Digitactix, to their team as their new Community Advisor. As a seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Ankita Gupta brings extensive experience and expertise in digital marketing to the coto platform.

Ankita Gupta - coto Community Advisor

Over the span of eight years, Ankita has led her team at Digitactix to successfully serve over 250 global clients earning her various accolades. At coto, she will play a crucial role in advising the consultants and experts on digital marketing trends, social media engagement, and brand positioning. This will further help the consultants and experts at coto to build compelling digital marketing campaigns for their respective communities and also empower them with diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise that will hone their entrepreneurship skills online.

Ankita expressed her enthusiasm for partnering with coto, stating, “I believe that digital marketing isn’t merely a choice but a revolutionary change that compels startups to rewrite their marketing playbooks. By joining coto’s Community Advisory Board, I am excited to share my expertise and collaborate with women on innovative marketing strategies that drive diverse communities toward success. Together with coto, our emphasis will be on fostering community, practicing ethical marketing, and sharing knowledge, alongside the focus on women-led Q&A content, quick consultations, and round-the-clock support for women, which distinguishes coto as the preferred social community platform for women.”

Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder of coto, commented on Ankita’s recent onboarding, stating, “As a women-led platform, we are thrilled to announce that Ankita’s inclusion as one of our community advisors serves as an inspiration for all our coto communities. With digital empowerment advocates like Ankita on board, I am confident that we will create content and commerce opportunities to secure financial independence for women.”

Ankita’s educational experiences at prestigious institutions such as IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard have honed her business expertise, and her background at the Indian Institute of Modern Management in Pune has solidified her marketing fundamentals.

Apart from digital marketing, Ankita is also dedicated to sustainability. She firmly believes that in the digital realm, sustainability isn’t just an option but a necessity for the future. Her dedication to integrating sustainable solutions into digital marketing strategies has set her apart in the industry.

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