Connecticut-Based Terawatt to Unveil Results of Study about Underrepresented Employees and the Demand for their Professional Development and Coaching


Stamford, CT Francie Jain, CEO of Terawatt, a recently-launched coaching marketplace, is always on the lookout for ways to help underrepresented employees access to career coaches. In order to better understand and evaluate this situation, Jain surveyed 1,000 Human Resource managers and 1,000 corporate employees about their relationships, and their respective companies’ relationships, to professional development.

Jain will present the survey findings at the HR TECH virtual Symposium on October 7 at 1 PM. She will discuss the results on a panel entitled “What Employees Want: Terawatt’s Original Data on Professional Development.”

“Joining me on our panel will be MaryBeth Maskovas from Insight Lime Analytics together with Sherika Ekpo from Anaplan and Pooja Jain-Link from Coqual,” said Jain, “The study was conducted in late 2020 and the results will help Human Resources professionals better support traditionally underrepresented employees as well as all employees.”

Terawatt brings niche and vetted experts to its corporate customers’ workforce, creating live, virtual, group coaching sessions at affordable prices, making it easier for HR managers to develop mid- and lower-level employees, personalize professional development and increase employee retention and contribution. Similar to telehealth, Terawatt brings the research-backed benefits of coaching to employees who might not otherwise enjoy such access. With technology at its core, Terawatt effectively connects “those who know” with “those who need” on a platform that delivers programming that’s efficient, effective, and highly interactive.

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