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Cherise unveils smart tea vending kiosks to revolutionise tea consumption in India

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New Delhi, July 12, 2021: In a bid to bring a change in tea consumption pattern in India, startup venture Cherise India Private Limited has unveiled their IoT & Android-based tea vending machines that have their own proprietary Cherise IoT dashboard and app for monitoring the operations. The machine has a wide portfolio of farm fresh teas, coffees, soups, and milk under the popular Cherise brand, which has been set up by third generation tea sommelier Mr. Parimal Shah.

Cherise, unlike other vending operators provide its customers with access to the IoT vending platform that gives real-time data on consumer consumption patterns, inventory and billing, all at the click of a button. The Cherise vending machines dispense home-made style Teas, Coffees, Milk, and Soups in a jiffy.

“Consumers in today’s day and age are knowledgeable and mature. They are aware of global trends and well connected on social media platforms. Due to such exposure, their expectations have increased phenomenally when it comes to health & hygiene. Today, consumers carefully read all the ingredients that are being used to create a food or beverage formulation. They expect that their product is made using natural ingredients and they expect honest quality first and foremost. This is exactly what Cherise delivers. Our vending technology is fully proprietary and owned by us, we have our own laboratories where we do extensive research on vending technology as well as on beverage ingredients. Our smart vending machines as well as our beverages and formulations are manufactured by us at our own plants. We do not have any 3rd party or OEM partners and we do not do any form of private labeling for anyone”. We manufacture and market our own brands,” said Mr. Parimal Shah, Founder & CEO, Cherise India Pvt Limited.

Cherise is associated with the MK Jokai group of companies, which is Parimal’s family business and owned by his father, Mr. Kalpesh M Shah. MK Jokai is today one of the largest farmers of Premium Assam Orthodox Teas in the World and owns thousands of acres of Tea Plantations in Assam and West Bengal.

Along with their Smart vending machines, Cherise has formulated and launched a wide range of premium beverages in the Tea, Coffee, Milk, and Soups category. These beverages are all vented through their Smart Vending machines, which makes this into an ideal printer-cartridge model. Natural & healthy beverages such as Mumbai Masala Chai, Delhi Adhrak Chai, Calcutta Elaichi Chai, Nagpuri Nimbu Chai, Bikaneri Elaichi Doodh, Gujrati Haldi Doodh, Madras Coffee, and many more have been created by the food scientists at Cherise and are now available via the Cherise Smart Vending Eco-System and also via marketplaces like Amazon among others.

“Since we come from a family of Farmers and are Tea specialists ourselves, we understand the science behind ingredients. We are able to control and influence the supply and the quality of ingredients and this allows us to create superior tasting, 100% natural formulations, and blends. Our teas and coffees taste as good as the hand-made Chai or Coffee and our vending eco-system allow us to reach the end consumer’s cup, on a daily basis,” Mr. Shah added.

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