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4th April 2024, New Delhi: To reinvent the vendor experience within its vast network, Boxigo. in, a leading pioneer in storage and relocation services, proudly presents its newest invention, the Boxigo Vendor App. For Boxigo. in’s vendor partners, this state-of-the-art application represents a major turning point in improving communication efficiency and streamlining service delivery.


Crafted as a user-centric platform, the Vendor App offers a seamless interface for vendors, streamlining the handling of service requests while fostering enhanced collaboration with Boxigo’s internal team. Seamlessly integrated with the Boxigo. in website, the app facilitates swift transitions of customer-initiated service requests to the personalized admin portal, where Boxigo’s dedicated team meticulously validates and forwards each request to the vendor portal, ensuring prompt attention and action.

A standout feature of the Boxigo Vendor App is its empowerment of vendors with real-time access to critical customer details, even post-assignment to another vendor or cancellation of an opportunity. Through the innovative “lost” feature, vendors can effortlessly retrieve essential information, enabling them to fine-tune their service offerings dynamically.

Furthermore, the app presents a host of exclusive advantages. Vendors transitioning to the app will experience a marked improvement in workflow efficiency, facilitated by a seamless interface and intuitive design. With notifications tailored exclusively for the app, vendors remain informed of service request progress, enabling them to deliver timely and effective solutions, thereby elevating customer satisfaction levels.

Boxigo. remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and continual enhancement, with forthcoming features such as deep links to further augment the app’s functionality and utility, ensuring it remains at the forefront of industry excellence.

“The introduction of the Vendor App showcases our unwavering commitment to empowering our vendors with the requisite tools and resources to deliver unparalleled service. We are on a mission to streamline this unorganized industry, and the app will help us achieve the same,” shared Edwin L. , co-founder, and CEO of, “We are confident that this platform will not only optimize operations but also elevate the overall service experience, reinforcing our valued partnerships.”

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