Blockchain For Impact (BFI) Unveils Rebranding / Commemorates Two Years of Transformative Philanthropy

Blockchain For Impact (BFI)

Blockchain For Impact (BFI)

Bengaluru 7th Aug 2023:- CryptoRelief, a global movement that saw a rare convergence of volunteers, NGOs, and technology during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, proudly announces today its rebranding as “Blockchain For Impact” (BFI).

The event, a reflection of the Bengaluru-based organization’s remarkable journey over the past two years and its visionary path ahead, will be graced by the presence of two of the most respected figures in the crypto currency blockchain space – Mr. Vitalik Buterin and Mr. Sandeep Nailwal.

The grandeur of the occasion will indeed be enhanced when Mr. Vitalik Buterin, a renowned and respected personality from the cryptocurrency blockchain community, shares his views on the goal in the immediate future.

Mr. Nailwal, a distinguished figure from India in the same space, will host the event, reflecting his instrumental role in shaping BFI’s momentous journey.

The event showcased the seamless collaboration of technology, social media, NGOs, and volunteers as distinguished heads of leading NGOs will participate, highlighting the collaborative approach in driving impactful change.

Representatives from esteemed institutions like IISc, IIT, NCBS, CCAMP, BIRAC, along with leading scientists across India, will be part of the event, showcasing BFI’s commitment to fostering research and innovation.

BFI is scheduled to announce its visionary goal of funding healthcare projects in India, amounting to $200 million under the brand name “Blockchain For Impact,” reinforcing their dedication to transformative philanthropy.

Elaborating on Biomedical Research & Innovation, a BFI spokesperson stated that the organization is empowering medical and research communities, cultivating dynamic partnerships in biomedical science, and harnessing innovation to facilitate tangible improvements and foster advancements in equitable healthcare.

As for the District Full-Stack Program, he said it is intended to cater to the notable inadequacy of a comprehensive, multi-faceted healthcare delivery that stems from the grassroots, For this purpose, it is harnessing the “District as a unit of change” concept to deliver re-oriented, re-organized, and people-centric healthcare solutions on the ground.

Finally, explaining the need for further Innovation & Research, the spokesman pointed out that the pandemic exposed India’s dire need of increasing its capacity to strengthen the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

It also brought into sharp focus the apparent need for a platform for scholars and young professionals to get involved from basic to intricate Research & Development assignments.

BFI is aiming to bridge these unaddressed loopholes and create a health ecosystem that stems from digital transformation, evolving business models, and healthcare delivery innovation.

BFI will be happy to discuss and celebrate its impactful past contributions, emphasizing the tangible difference made in the healthcare landscape of India.

The event, in fact, serves as a testament to the organization’s unwavering dedication to catalytic philanthropy and its commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to create lasting, positive change in India’s public health and research sectors.

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