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Binge sipping and munching this winter with Dibha’s new launches


Getting ready for those winter blues? Here comes Dibha’s with something delectable to choose. There’s nothing more cozy and a chef’s delight right now so soon, whether you’re in your living room or your office boardroom. Don’t hesitate without even the blink of your eye for there’s something overseeing yummy and tantalizing to spy. Choose from flavours like manchow, hot and sour, sweet corn veggie mix and tomato. Do your best with the zest on the tip of your palette in 3 general instructions: undo the foil from the cup, fill it with approx 100 ml steaming hot water, twist it generally with a ladle and bingo, there you go! It’s ready and you can binge on Dibha’s soups any place, any moment or any time without having to be laborious; and veto for having no added sugar, no preservatives, gluten free, purely a veggies dream and savour your now readily made soup that brings a healthy boost to your kickstarting everyday.

In between work, do you want to cheat on your diet without feeling guilty for putting on all those calories? It’s here, it’s ready and now at your doorstep- Dibha’s “energy laddus “ experiment in a variant of flavours like gond, til, digestive, dry fruit and cranberry almond. Chilling out in cold winters with a delicious snack by your side and you’re ready to glide. Take a shot with these energiser laddus on the spot: you have a warrant of healthy beneficial ingredients and that’s what they’ve got from boosting your immune system, building up a surge in bodily metabolism, high levels of energy, deep rooted in vitamins, fibre and a power packed punch of proteins that makes it a wholesome easy going snack.

According to the owner, Ruchika,“We’re super confident and happy about our two newly launched products. They are healthy and tasty at the same time. Our energy laddus and ready to drink soups are gluten free, vegan and no preservative warranted.”

So, you can beat on your taste buds : and Dibha’s guarantees that you look no further. Dibha’s soups are total value for money, so all you culinary expert buddies get cracking on what’s hot this season and don’t need to think or find for no reason. Energy Laddus will bring sunshine into your healthy parameters without labeling them as cheaters.

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