Astrologer, Numerologist and Palm Reader Kashish Parashar throw light on your palm lines

Palmistry, Palm Reading, or Chirology is a fortune-telling practice through the lines in your palms. the analysis of your hand can reveal breakthrough changes that no one can foresee. the lines of your hands keep changing constantly sometimes as quickly as in three months .when compared to your dominant hand with the secondary you can foresee upcoming growth and incidents quite evidently. The lines of your active hand change more prominently and quickly than your less active hand making it easier to spot the change and shift in the planetary position and predict the Upcoming successes. The lines are read from right to left if a person is right-handed and left to right if the person is a lefty. There are numerous lines in a palm, denoting each and every detail of your life’s past, present, and future but the most important ones are your Head Line, Heartline, lifeline and the most dominant of them all is “The Fate Line” . While the other lines may appear in the latter part of your life, these 4 will be present evidently.

Astrologer, Numerologist, and Palm Reader Kashish Parashar throw light on What does your palm lines say about you?

The Head Line
The line of wisdom revealing your mind’s level of curiosity and intellect. This middle line located in the center of your hand shows what karma will make you learn in this lifetime. if it reaches the edge of your palm you might as well have psychic powers.

If the Line is Short, you make The right decisions within no time and implement them without any delay.
If the line is long, you keep re-analysing every decision and take forever to act upon it.

The heart line
Also known as the heaven line in your palm. it is the first line located under your fingers denoting the quality of relationships and connections you will encounter in your life with yourself internally and externally.
If you have a long straight line, you will always consider everybody else’s feelings prior to yours.
If the line is Short, You believe in “Action speaks louder than words” and is a lover of personal space and personal freedom.

The lifeline
Located under the Heart Line. The biggest misconception about the lifeline in your palm is that it predicts your life span which is absolutely false rather it predicts the vitality of your life so rather than showing the timeline of your life it shows how much you live your life with all your heart and liveliness.

If you have a long line, you are a people’s pillar. everybody can count on you with their life.
if you have a short line, there’s a suggestion for you, when you hit rock bottom make yourself super busy it will be your biggest help.

The fate line
The Destiny line which showcases your career and success is said to be the most constant changing line in your palm. It reveals a new change and opportunity as quickly as in 3 months. Starting near the base of your wrist going upwards towards your fingers showcasing the out-of-control sudden incidents that can take place in your life and its seriousness. it is said to be the most important line in our palm which keeps up warned with upcoming successes and failures.

The different mounts located in our hand denote the planetary position of all the planets representing our Financial, Emotional, and Mental capabilities. Giving us an overview of our life to be always prepared for the Future.

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