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Are you looking to Buy a Property? Be sure to Check the Locality

Are you looking to Buy a Property? Be sure to Check the Locality

By Mr. Harshvardhan Tibrewala, Director at Roha Realty.


Chembur lies near the Eastern Express Highway, which provides outstanding connectivity to South Mumbai and the central suburbs.


The eastern suburb of Chembur has witnessed unprecedented growth over the past few decades, maturing from an agricultural wasteland to a prosperous locality. Chembur is a hub for commercial, industrial, educational, and residential activity in East Mumbai.

Buying a property is a big decision to make in your life. It involves a large amount of investment and a great deal of in-depth research. But what is the paramount factor in buying a property? What would be your answer?

Many of you will agree that the property itself is the most critical factor.

Even though you are right in stating that fact, there is another thing that matters as much as the property itself. Whether you’re buying the property for your use (i.e., your home) or you’re looking for a good investment, an essential element while looking to buy a property is the locality around it. The projects in Chembur east are community-driven and in a well-connected location.

Why is it Essential to Desire the Best Property?

Let me rephrase that question: Why is it important to choose the best property for you?

Real estate investments are high-risk and high-return investments. Even though you can secure a good amount of future income if you choose the right property, you can also risk your investment if the property isn’t up to the mark.

These investments involve a high chunk of your income and need to be used in the most efficient way possible.

Factors that you should Consider While Assessing the Location of the Property

You can change many things about the property after you buy it, such as the interiors, condition, and price. One thing that cannot be changed is the locality. Consider these factors for the projects in Chembur east before closing that deal:


The basic amenities or facilities include schools, grocery stores, bookshops, and convenience stores. It should be within walking distance from your selected property. Most of the time, the houses are top-notch, but lacking basic amenities can sour the taste of your perfect property.

Before you select your real estate, make sure that you double-check the available facilities and amenities around the place.

Safety and Security

Your family’s safety is your primary responsibility. If you’re looking to buy a home for your family, safety around the property is critical to assess. Your primary research goals will be the crime rate around the area and the law enforcement agency. You can check social media pages or the internet for information about the locality. An adequate amount of street lighting is also a significant part of safety. The projects in Chembur east are well-lit and safe for our families.


It is an essential thing that you should consider before you buy that property. The quality of people surrounding your selected property defines the quality of life you can live in that place. Neighbours are the go-to people when you shift to a new home. If those people are good enough for you to become acquainted with, it will be easier for you to adjust.

Growth and Development

Most of the time, the more developed a locality is, the costlier the property will be. But underdeveloped locations can also cause problems in your living experience. That is why finding a locality that is developed enough and does not cost you your whole pocket is crucial. s. There has been a sharp growth in the number of residential projects in Chembur East.


Buying a property takes a lot of investment, which is only sometimes available in the house. You need a budget that fits you best and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Various factors in the locality can help you save some bucks while making a deal. Such as, the properties that are on a higher floor are usually cheaper than those closer to the ground floor.

Real estate is one of the most stable and safe investments available

It is also a long-term investment compared to a share market investment. It is wonderful to purchase a dream home in a suitable locality, and the projects in Chembur east are a dream come true. Overlooking the location can be a heartbreaking experience since the convenient location matters a lot.

Selecting a property comprises many responsibilities and appropriate decision-making. The proper location of your home establishes your physical and mental well-being and drives your life easier. However overwhelming the house hunting process is, go for the suitable location. It would help if you did not make concessions or decisions you would lament later. If you are precise in your requirements and the budget, then with some research, you will make a suitable conclusion to make your life sweeter.

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