Aakash Aath Presents ‘Aschhe Aakash Jelay Jelay’

Kolkata, 18th August 2022: Aakash Aath, a popular entertainment channel, has commenced its renowned talent hunt program titled ‘Asche Aakash Jelay Jelay’. The prime purpose of this massive initiative is to showcase the rich and diverse creative skills of the people of Bengal to a widespread audience on Aakash Aath.

A humanist approach in itself, ‘Asche Aakash Jelay Jelay’ aims to host a plethora of opportunities for all age groups to showcase their talents in their field of interest. This would include acting for television, singing before a live audience in a musical extravaganza, and displaying high-caliber culinary skills on screen in popular cookery shows.

Aakash Aath pledges to welcome young talents and promote them on the popular series, ‘Police Filez’, the morning musical program; ‘Good Morning Aakash’ and the award-winning cuisine show; ‘Radhuni’. This is an endeavor from Aakash Aath so that they can embark on their own journeys and can create their own signature in their chosen fields.

“Bengal is the hub of artistic creations which reflects the supremacy of our state in the domains of art and culture. ‘Asche Aakash Jelay Jelay’ is a unique measure undertaken by the Aakash Aath to render equal opportunities, especially to inhabitants of rural and suburban Bengal who aspire to achieve their dreams. Frequently, due to a lack of freedom and suitable opportunities, their conscientious efforts remain concealed. ‘Aschhe Aakash Jelay Jelay’ will bridge the gaps between these ingenious artists and their success. Hope this year too we will receive a warm and joyous response from participants across Bengal ”, said Ms. Eshita Surana Poddar & Ms. Priyanka Surana Bardia, the Directors of Aakash Aath.

The talent search drive; ‘Aschhe Aakash Jelay Jelay’ organized by Aakash Aath charges absolutely no fee from its participants. Moreover, performers selected to perform in shows aired on Aakash Aath are honored with fabulous gift hampers as well as great offers from Platform 8, the recently launched OTT platform of Aakash Aath, and spearheaded jointly by its Directors.

The team of ‘Asche Aakash Jelay Jelay’ has already visited Midnapur, Nadia, North 24 Parganas, and South 24 Parganas districts of West Bengal to host the selection process and shortlist candidates who will impress viewers with their artistic brilliance.

The forthcoming audition for Kolkata will be held on Sunday, 21st August 2022 at Agomani Community Hall in Behala from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. All interested participants are welcome to join.

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