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A first-of-its-kind comprehensive book on residential real estate launched.

Residential Estate

New Delhi: A first-of-its-kind comprehensive book on real estate by Ashwinder R Singh, one of the acclaimed leaders in the Indian housing sector, was launched today in the presence of Mr. Arjun Agarwal, Managing Director, Bhartiya Urban Private Limited.

Titled ‘The A to Z of residential real estate’, the book is a must have for every homebuyer, channel partner, and developer. While throwing light on policy, regulations, and evolving market trends, it aims to benefit the entire value chain in the housing sector. Not only does it detail the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder, but rays signal on dos and don’ts and tips on grabbing the most from the current market.

Talking about the usefulness of the book, Aggarwal, said, “The sector definitely needed a genuine work like this to allay misconceived notions, especially after RERA and ongoing pandemic. This work is surely going to add an immense value in the decision-making process for everyone in this sector. The key here is that this book not only makes them aware of their roles and responsibilities but also assists in choosing the next steps when it comes to buying, selling, or building homes. I am sure all stakeholders will find a personal mentor in this book, and I would like to thank Ashwinder for such a commendable work.”

Published by Twaaga International, the book serves as a guide to dispel myths and help buyers make informed decisions by choosing the right location, product type, price, and home loan process.

It also tends to benefit the residential realty developers by providing detailed insights on market trends, construction finance, compliance, project costs and timeline while highlighting the path to business expansion.

Channel partners, too, will find it captivating as the book highlights the parameters that have been defining their success lately by becoming more professional and tech-savvy.

The book is a must-have for real estate management students and professors, as it touches upon each factor: history, polity, regulations, government, technology, change in scale of operations, the evolution of housing types and forms, etc.

Speaking on occasion, Singh said, “In the current situation, unmounted thoughts are hovering over all kinds of stakeholders involved in the real estate sector, be it small to mid-scale developers to create a home for living, channel partners who are an indispensable intermediary and most importantly, the home buyers who invest their life’s earning in purchasing a home where they live or let others live. I am very hopeful that the audience will find it an interesting read and most importantly, benefit from it.”

Mr. Singh has a 360-degree experience in the real estate sector, serving senior leadership positions in CitiBank, and Bajaj Finance. He’s been an ex-CEO of JLL Residential and Anarock in India and is currently providing his expert services at Bhartiya Urban Private Limited as CEO – Residential. After extensive research for five years, the book has been published and is more like a story-read with high impact handpicked facts and figures stitched in to give an unbiased perspective.

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