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Vyug is ready with new dimensions in the field of Metaverse and successfully showcased Ubaid Chand’s avatar.

With the changing times, new changes are taking place in the field of technology every day. In such a situation, Metaverse is being considered as the new future. Even in the area of Metaverse, further experiments are coming out every day, which are shocking. In such a situation, recently a company named Vyug has done a new experiment. Vyug unveiled the avatar of its founder, Ubaid Chand, in the presence of many film personalities Like Shilpa Shetty, Ronit Roy, Aditya Narayan, and thousands of audience at the Vyug Unveil event held at the Greater Noida Expo Centre. This incarnation was talking to people precisely like Ubaid Chand.


 Chief Manager of the organization, Richa Thakur, said that many changes are continuously taking place in the field of Metaverse. There was a time when 3D looked very exciting and seemed natural. But now is the time of virtual reality. In such a situation, Vyug, which is like a virtual era, is ready to bring change with VR technology. She said that now it will be easier to feel the natural environment even from a distance. In the recent past, there has been a digital revolution, AI has made its place, and gradually, people have started accepting it; in such a situation, it is our endeavour that VR technology also reaches people, and people of all classes learn from this technology.

Whereas Vyug founder Ubaid Chand said that the Metaverse will bring revolutionary changes in the field of business and entertainment. People will stay caught up in this technology, which is extremely easy to use and saves both time and cost. He said that this will not only make life easier but will also create new employment opportunities in the field of IT. At the same time, in many cases, it will also help in saving both resources and the environment. In such a situation, moving forward with this technology is to contribute to the digital revolution.

During the conversation, Richa Thakur said that releasing the avatar of Vyug is just the beginning; Vyug is planning to add more information and features to the platform. For this, continuous work is being done by the technical partners and gaming, famous cities of foreign countries, museums, events, etc., are being added to the platform. Apart from this, the feature of an avatar is also being added for the users to give them an actual virtual experience. By using it, people will be able to create their avatars and enjoy real gaming. Also, educational material for youth and students is being added, and a digital library feature is also being added. Due to this, the students will feel as if they are studying in the library while sitting at home, and this will be an unprecedented change

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