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Softline Introduces Device as a Service for Businesses in Russia in collaboration with Microsoft


LONDON, United Kingdom – July 27, 2021 – Softline announced the launch of a DaaS service in Russia, under which customer companies will be able to rent Dell Technologies computers with preinstalled Windows 10 Pro and subscription to Microsoft 365 Business Standard services.

Softline will provide technical support for these devices. This productivity model enables customers to avoid large capital expenses and convert them into OpEx.

“The work environment and technology are changing rapidly, and a new concept of employee workspace and interaction has emerged. The new reality fuels demand for a service that keeps their employees’ hardware and software up-to-date,” said Elena Tipisova, Director of Product and Technology Expertise Development Department, Softline Russia. “Thanks to our collaboration with Microsoft and Dell Technologies, we can help our customers solve this problem. Our monthly subscription will offer them access to ready-to-use modern devices with the required software, as well as enable them to optimize and scale the service package according to their needs”.

Recent research conducted by Techaisle with 736 small businesses in six countries shows that computers that are 4+ years old are 3.5 times more prone to failures, which causes an average downtime of 98 hours, costing a company 3 times as much as new equipment. Device as a Service (DaaS) provides access to state-of-the-art devices and software that will help the company attract and retain skilled professionals, and relieve IT professionals from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic value-added initiatives. In addition, it will also simplify the mobile work experience, because employees on the go will get the devices and programs tailored to their tasks.

The subscription also includes customer equipment delivery and setup, technical support in case of equipment malfunction, prompt replacement of faulty equipment, and monthly report on the rented equipment health.

IDC states that 66% of the companies that already switched to DaaS believe that the service will help them radically transform their business.

“DaaS is a very popular model around the world because it significantly reduces the cost of each corporate workstation,” said Sergey Dmitriev, Head of OEM Business, Microsoft Russia&CIS. “Thanks to DaaS, our clients will experience enterprise-grade performance and security provided by Windows 10 Pro along with all modern productivity services”.

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