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Home Quarantine Care program by ‘Reach’ wellbeing app to help enhance immunity and manage stress

Reach wellbeing app

June 3, 2021: Over the past year and a half, staying at home has become the norm — in fact, it’s the best thing one can do to ensure their own health and safety. But once the initial euphoria of commute-less days and WFH died down, people the world over realized staying confined at home comes with its own challenges — what with the workday spilling into life, increased caregiving and household responsibilities, the stress of social isolation and an uncertain economic future, etc.

“With no end to the pandemic in sight, it looks like work and stay at home are here to stay. To help people cope with the demands of staying indoors and still attend to their physical and mental wellbeing needs, we have recently launched a new expert-driven, customized Home Quarantine Care Program on our wellbeing app, Reach, to help people restore their health,” said Sameer Sinha, Leader, Reach.

The Home Quarantine Care program features an Immunity Booster Program that helps address the wellbeing needs of users who wish to either boost their immunity to protect against any infection or, in the aftermath of any disease, restore their health and immunity for a better quality of life. This program specifically targets Indian adults between the ages of 18-55 years and is the latest addition to the existing programs on Reach — Fitness, Nutrition, Condition Management, Mindfulness, and Mental Wellbeing.

The top two benefits of the program are:

  • Immunity enhancement: Users can get personalized guidance from certified dieticians to restore and boost their immunity
  • Stress management: The program helps users cope with stress and anxiety and navigate with the demanding times with the help of certified counsellors

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once a user signs up on the Reach wellbeing app, they can book a session with a certified wellbeing coach/counsellor, nutritionist, and/or mental health expert
  2. The expert assesses the current health and wellbeing of the user and designs a personalized care plan based on their preferences and needs
  3. The user gets access to high-touch care through chat/calls with coaches, which helps them get instant answers, active follow-ups, and ongoing supervision
  4. The coaches and experts also continuously monitor and provide feedback on the user’s progress to help them in their wellbeing journey

On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 public health outbreak a pandemic. Since then, people across the world have tried everything from vitamin and zinc supplements, medicinal herbs, home remedies, and Ayurveda to boost their immunity and protect against the virus. In fact, according to a study, in the early months of the pandemic, search queries on boosting one’s immunity featured in three of the top “how to” questions people asked online.

Boost your immunity and manage stress effectively with RoundGlass Reach app’s personalized coaching, weekly care plans, and dedicated chat support.

Download the app here:

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