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Kunal Bhan’s social media videos bring joy amid the pandemic

Soumali Adhikary

Actor Kunal Bhan, who is best known for playing Dr. Rahil Shekhar in the medical drama Sanjivani (2019), has been trying to help people cope during these tough times in his own unique way. The actor has been posting some fun videos on social media for some time now. While it started off as humorous videos made for fun while at home, the inspiration behind putting them up now is something more.

Kunal Bhan


Initially, Kunal started making content for the purpose of staying busy creatively and hopefully to entertain people. But considering that these are really tough times for everyone especially for those suffering from Covid-19 or recovering in isolation, it’s important for them to find something they can hold on to and laugh. Kunal’s videos are doing exactly that. He has been receiving numerous messages from people about how his videos reduce their stress from the situation we all are in, which in turn has motivated him to make even more content. He now believes that escapism via entertainment might just be the remedy we need to cope and persevere.

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