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Utkarsha Naik Shares Funny Moments from Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’ Shoo

Mumbai, June 06, 2024: Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’ is a show that depicts the story of Yuvika Mahajan (Anjali Tatrari) who is fighting against the traditional norms relating to inheritance. The intense drama takes a lighter turn as Utkarsha Naik, portraying the cunning and negative character of Srishti Verma on screen, injects humor into her role, bringing a fun atmosphere offscreen.

sristhi verma

Utkarsha Naik, portraying the negative yet humorous character Srishti Verma, energizes the set by spontaneously adding fun elements to her dialogues and script. As an intelligent, cunning, and influential political fixer from the Hindi heartland, Utkarsha shared a funny incident from the set that had the entire cast and crew in stitches. In one scene, as part of DJ’s plan, his mother Gargi (Parinitha Seth) pretends to support the marriage of her daughter Miraya (Gitanjali Mangal) to the security guard Nikhil (Aryan Arora). During the wedding sequence, Miraya tosses a few grains of rice, and Srishti, being her mother, is supposed to collect them in her pallu as per traditional norms. However, Utkarsha, always improvising, added a funny twist by picking up the grains scattered on the floor, causing everyone from the spot dada to the light man to burst into laughter.

Utkarsha Naik who essays the role of the venal politician Srishti Verma said “I love improvising the role of Srishti Verma because it’s not just a negative character; it also has many entertaining moments. This often happens when I’m performing as Srishti, as I frequently improvise scenes on the spot. The cast and crew enjoy the humor and unpredictability of her character. It’s truly amazing to bring Srishti Verma to life and share these enjoyable moments with everyone on set.”

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