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Raunaq Yar Khan invited to witness the theatre play produced by Nelofar Currimbhoy in Delhi

Muzaffar Ali

Hyderabad, 27th October 2023 …..Raunaq Yar Khan, 9th Nizam of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty attends a theatre performance “Ananda – Eyes of The Healer ”, produced by Nelofar Currimbhoy. She is a director of the company “Shahnaz Hussain Herbals ‘. She is the daughter of “Herbal Queen” Shehnaz Hussain. With the musical drama, Ananda-Eyes of the Healer, Nelofar Currimbhoy ventures into the world of theatre.

Nelofar Currimbhoy, author and daughter of herbal beauty empress, Shanaz Hussain, has penned a narrative that blends emotions, music and spirituality.

The show titled “Ananda – Eyes of The Healer” is a musical drama. It is directed by Muzaffar Ali, choreographed by Shivani Varma and narrated by Kabir Bedi. Together, they lend richness to the art of storytelling.

The 9th Nizam’s participation in the event was much more than mere participation. Nelofer also hails from the top nobility of Hyderabad and her great grandfather, Sir Afsar Ul Mulk was the Commander & Chief of the Hyderabad State Forces of the Asaf Jahi Nizams. Hyderabad is also the birthplace of her mother beauty queen Shehnaz Hussain.

The Play is exceptionally creative and has P.M. Modi’s office requested seats in a sold-out auditorium.

The play, “Ananda-the Eyes of the Healer” is performed in Delhi today with a celeb dinner after party at the iconic Golf Club and it goes on the 27th too. The play is Directed by a celebrated producer of the iconic film “UmraoJaan” including music similar to his historic movie.

Raunaq Yar Khan

Says Nelofer, “We are honored to have His Excellency Raunaq Yar Khan, who the overwhelming majority of our Hyderabad 1 to 7 ruling Asaf Jahi Nizam’s descendants & legal claimants of the 9th have accepted as their 9th Nizam to head their royal family.

The 6th Nizam was foremost in promoting art and culture and Nawab Raunaq being his grandson has enjoyed our theatrical creation and has accepted to patronize and popularize my work in Hyderabad, a place I was away from through the nostalgic city of my mother’s birth”.


Speaking on this occasion Raunaq says: ” I’m excited promoting Nelofers work in Hyderabad as a favour to all art-loving Hyderabadis.

Raunaq Yar Khan is now reckoning in Delhi and also has another engagement on the 28th of this month at Meridian Hotel, Delhi. He and noted singer Padmashree Penza Masani will unveil a nationwide intellectual forum curated by Madhavi Advani.

Raunq will also participate in and grace celebrations of the Turkish Republic Day by the Govt of Turkiye at Taj Falaknuma.

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