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Rapido’s ‘Sawaari Zimmedari Ki’ Initiative Drives more than 10 lakh Voter Turnout in Indian General Elections 2024

7th June 2024|Mumbai: Supporting the Indian electorate at every step, across the seven phases of General Elections 2024, Rapido, India’s leading shared mobility platform, today announced the resounding success of its “Sawaari Zimmedari Ki” initiative during the recently concluded national elections. Through this nationwide campaign, Rapido facilitated greater voter participation by offering free rides to polling booths across over 70 cities and organizing voter awareness rally’s to encourage voter participation.


On election days, Rapido’s extensive network of 4 lakh captains transported voters seamlessly, providing a staggering 10 lakh free rides that covered an approximate distance of 32 lakh kilometres.

To undertake the mammoth initiative, Rapido collaborated with 23 State Chief Electoral Offices and was instrumental in ensuring accessibility and inclusivity during the electoral process. In cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru the company extended free auto and cab services exclusively to differently-abled and senior citizen voters, while all voters could avail free bike taxi rides.

Rapido also conducted several voter awareness rallies and set up model polling booths in collaboration with the electoral offices across various cities. These rallies were aimed towards educating the public about the importance of voting, encouraging higher voter turnout, and ensuring that every eligible voter is informed and motivated to participate in the electoral process.

Commenting on the success of the initiative, Pavan Guntupalli, Co-Founder of Rapido, said, “We are overwhelmed by the incredible response from citizens across the nation to our ‘Sawaari Zimmedari Ki’ campaign. By providing free rides during general elections, we enabled seamless transportation and empowered every eligible voter to participate in the world’s largest democratic exercise. We are grateful to the various state Chief Electoral Offices for their collaboration and support in this endeavour. Their partnership was instrumental in ensuring that our free ride services reached the intended beneficiaries, contributing to a more inclusive and representative electoral process.”

Rapido’s “Sawaari Zimmedari Ki” initiative drive a positive change and continues to explore innovative ways to contribute to the betterment of society and empower communities across India.

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