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Presenting Blanca, A Culinary Haven of Creative Luxury

Blanca, a beautiful two-floor café and re­staurant bar, welcomes you to discover unre­stricted creativity, where classic Victorian design meets a bohemian coastal aesthetic. The brainchild of its creator, Blanca, is more than only a dining spot. It’s a blank canvas of moments carefully curated to ce­lebrate the joy of free living.

The very name “Blanca” holds a deep significance, representing the soul of the restaurant’s vision – a white canvas, symbolizing an open, versatile space where individuals can explore their thoughts without any hesitation. This unique concept perfectly creates a space that radiates free-spirited creativity and a connection to nature.


Blanca’s vision behind the food and beverage menu is rooted in the belief that food is a universal language that unites people and places. Each bite is a brushstroke, creating a mosaic of tastes that celebrates the diversity of culinary traditions and ingredients. From serene mornings to vibrant evenings, Blanca allows you to explore and discover with every dish and sip.

Savour popular drinks like the Espresso Tiramisu, Goddess Goodness, Mango Passionfruit Iced Tea, and Salted Caramel Affogato. Treat your taste buds to exquisite dishes such as Blanca Turkish Eggs, Very Berry Smoothie, Smoked Beets and Burrata Salad, and Blanca Grilled Salmon. Additionally, the menu also features collaborative brands like Bili Hu Coffee, Makaibari Tea, Sepoy, and St. Pellegrino.

Crafted by a team of visionary chefs, mixologists, and baristas, the menu is a flavorful journey that tells a story with every dish and drink. From signature breakfast creations to specialty coffees inspired by iconic destinations, each experience is a work of art.

Meet the culinary magicians behind Blanca, Head Chef Nandu Krishnan, and Head Barista Raju Jana. With 13 years of culinary experience, Nandu fearlessly explores new techniques and flavors, creating visually stunning and delectable dishes. Raju, with over 6 years of pioneering expertise in forte coffee, infuses each brew with an exceptional depth of flavor, making every sip an exploration of taste.

With a total seating capacity of 88 covers, Blanca offers both outdoor and indoor seating, inviting guests to relax in the ambiance of their choice. The venue brings together a collaboration of brands, ensuring a diverse and exceptional experience for patrons.

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