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Mumbai’s Children’s Play Museum “Playseum” adds exciting new exhibits Ninjago Dojo and Build-YourOwn Coaster for curious little minds

Mumbai, 16th March 2024: Calling all young adventurers! Buckle up and prepare to unleash your inner ninja and roller coaster engineer – Playseum, India’s First Ever Children’s Museum, just amped up the fun with two epic new exhibits, Ninjago Dojo Academy, an immersive action-packed treat and Build Your Coaster, an opportunity for kids to unleash their creative side!


Meera Sheth, Founder of Playseum, excitedly states, “Playseum has been created with a credulous dream to provide children with an experience that goes beyond a typical play area, that pushes them to think out of the box and create all sorts of new things. That’s why I’m incredibly excited to unveil our new Ninjago Dojo and Build-Your-Own-Coaster exhibits. These interactive experiences go beyond just play; they allow children to step into these imaginative worlds, challenge themselves, and discover their unique talents. It’s truly remarkable to watch how their creativity and problem-solving abilities develop in these kinds of environments.”

Embark on an epic adventure into the world of bricks and battles to save the mighty dragons at the Ninjago Dojo Academy! Kids can immerse themselves in the ultimate Ninjago experience with not one, not two, but five exhilarating exhibits, including Lego making, focus training, strength training, concentration training, and reflex training! That’s not all – they also get to meet and greet Ninjas and marvel at the incredible Lego display wall showcasing the entire Ninjago series. This exhibit has been specially designed to unleash their inner warrior, spark their creativity, and conquer any challenge that comes their way.

Experience the thrill of building your very own Roller Coaster from scratch! With their interactive and hands-on Build Your Coaster exhibit, kids will be able to design, test, and retest their coaster until it’s just right. As they challenge themselves to create the best design, they also learn about the fascinating principles of force, energy, friction, and stability that make it possible. With so many endless possibilities, how many different coasters will they be able to build?

These groundbreaking additions join Playseum’s existing arsenal of 14 exhibits and 50+ action-packed activities, guaranteeing an explosion of creativity, problem-solving thrills, and unforgettable memories for children of all ages. So come explore, learn, and create lasting memories at Playseum! With diverse concepts of scientific play and sensory play under one roof, Playseum is the ideal destination for all little wonders who want to indulge in quirky and offbeat activities.

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