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M.Sc. and Ph.D. Physics at Technion Israel Institute of Technology


July : Technion is Israel’s premier institute for science, technology, engineering, and applied research. Founded in 1912, it is positioned among the world’s top 50 research-driven science and technology universities, dedicated to the growth of knowledge, and the development of human capital and leadership. Technion is among the top 10 universities for educating the world’s leading Tech CEOs, with an extensive network of top-tier research-based universities known for their scientific excellence and vibrant innovation ecosystems.

The Department of Physics at the institute stands at the forefront of contemporary research, both fundamental and applied. The department operates centres for interdisciplinary research, which facilitate interactions with other departments at the Technion, and foster an international, exciting and diverse atmosphere of cooperation. The focus of Technion’s Physics department is to educate the next generation of physicists and researchers by imparting them with skills to explore, question, and challenge our understanding of the physical world.

Technion offers a unique learning experience through its graduate studies for students interested in progressing as independent researchers and are looking at leadership roles in academia and industry.The institute is home to several core physics subjects inclusive of:

Astrophysics, cosmology and general relativity.
Atomic and Molecular Physics.
Complex Systems.
Condensed Matter Physics.
High Energy Physics.
Non-linear Optics.
Quantum Science and Technology.
Plasma Physics.

The Faculty of Physics also offers a Certificate of specialization in Quantum Science & Technology as part of the program towards an M.Sc degree.

Post Graduate and Ph.D. Degrees:

M.Sc (masters) Degree

Students studying for an M.Sc (masters) degree must complete a series of required courses and perform original research culminating in a written thesis. The first two semesters are usually dedicated to coursework, during which time the student finds a research advisor and devises a thesis plan. The second year is dedicated to research, under close supervision and mentoring by the faculty advisor.

PhD (doctoral) Degree

This is an intensive program in which the student performs and publishes original scientific research in the research group of a physics professor, with an eye toward becoming established as an independent creative researcher. During the PhD program, doctoral students become experts in their chosen fields and gain advanced knowledge and tools crucial to their development as independent researchers. A small amount of additional coursework is typically required for the PhD degree, as is a written thesis.

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