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INRED and SES to Provide High-Throughput Connectivity Across Colombia’s Amazonas

Following a series of successful collaborations to close the digital divide, Colombian local connectivity service provider INRED and SES will deliver high-throughput connectivity services via SES’s Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites to more than 500 homes, schools, government entities, and thousands of habitants in the department of Amazonas, both companies announced today.

With the aim of supporting the Colombian government’s efforts to connect remote and hard-to-reach locations under the Amazonas Digital initiative, INRED is leveraging SES’s MEO satellites to connect the city of Leticia and other rural areas in Amazonas. SES’s MEO satellites, which orbit at 8,000 km above the Earth’s surface, will play a major role in complementing the government’s digital inclusion initiatives to deliver connectivity to even the most hard-to-reach regions in the country, ensuring people and businesses in these areas have equal access to social and economic opportunities.

“Having a long-term partner such as SES, who operates satellites in both geostationary and MEO orbits and knows our connectivity needs well, we have full trust in SES offering the most ideal satellite network to pave the way to a better social and economic future for the people of Colombia,” says John Ureña, Chief Executive Officer of INRED.

“At SES we are committed to supporting our partners to close the digital divide. We have previously enabled INRED to connect nearly one million people in 1,300 sites across Colombia with free Wi-Fi access,” said Omar Trujillo, Vice President of Enterprise Americas at SES. “Today we expand our collaboration as INRED leverages our MEO satellites to connect the population of the city of Leticia with low-latency, high-throughput connectivity that will allow for better access to educational and governmental services.”

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