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Hyperface partners with Tutelar

Mumbai, April 24, 2024 – Hyperface, the Definitive Credit Cards Innovation platform, has entered into a strategic alliance with Tutelar, an AI-based, no-code Fraud and Risk Management (FRM) solutions provider. Hyperface is a ‘Credit Cards as a Service’ platform that builds comprehensive, digital-first card management programs for banks, fintechs and consumer businesses while Tutelar offers 360-degree fraud prevention, risk and compliance management solutions for fintechs and banks.

As Tutelar joins Hyperface as one its FRM partners, this adds more arsenal to Hyperface’s capabilities with respect to fraud prevention and risk management.

Shanthi, President, Tutelar, said, “In a world where there is an increase in sophistication in financial threats, financial institutions are constantly searching for new ways to protect their assets, while safeguarding their client’s interests. Tutelar is committed to empower financial institutions with best-in-class risk prevention solutions. We are very excited about our partnership with Hyperface. This will take Tutelar to marquee banks and fintechs on the issuing side.”

Ramanathan RV, Co-founder and CEO, Hyperface, said, “While India has almost 100 million credit cards today, we still have a significant headroom to grow it given the low penetration levels. The journey to 300 million can be achieved only if the potential risks around card issuance and management are well-managed alongside building innovative card programs, which Hyperface is committed towards.”


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