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Huawei EM2.0 Model: Pioneering the Digital Transformation Path for African Operators

[Marrakech, Morocco, May 30, 2024] Africa Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit 2024 was held by Huawei during GITEX AFRICA 2024, covering the theme of ” Enable New Growth Beyond Connectivity.” Executives from regional governments, operators, industrial organizations and analysts had in-depth exchanges on the acceleration of their transformation using a digital cloud platform, moving beyond connectivity to create new growth avenues. At the summit, Huawei and African operators jointly announced the establishment of the “Africa Digital Intelligent Transformation Pioneer Club,” marking the beginning of a new era in digital transformation for Africa.

Benjamin Hou, President of Huawei Northern Africa Carrier Business, highlighted at the summit that digital transformation for operators has become a global trend. Africa is embracing a window of digital economy development, providing a historic opportunity for regional operators in transformation. EM 2.0 is more than a technology upgrade. It also exemplifies a profound change in mindsets and models. By optimizing digital infrastructure, building a digital cloud foundation, deploying digital O&M platforms, and enabling diverse digital services, promoting operators to transform from traditional network service providers to digital service providers, enable new growth beyond connectivity.

James Crawshaw, Head of Telecom Transformation at Omdia, emphasized in his keynote speech that cloud services are crucial for global operators undergoing digital transformation. Cloud services not only achieve significant cost reductions and business expansion but also drive business innovation, build ecosystems, and become a new engine for revenue growth.

Tariku Demissi, Chief Technology Officer of Ethio Telecom, stated that Ethio Telecom will continue to deepen its digital transformation around the “1 Cloud + 1 Network + 1 Entry + 2 Ecosystems” strategy. This involves creating a platform economy through comprehensive coverage of payment, social, entertainment, and live streaming services, while accelerating the evolution from B2B industry digitization to B2G national digitization. Ultimately, this will create new growth engines for Ethio Telecom.

Ying Li, President of Huawei Global Product Portfolio Marketing and Solutions Sales Department, stated that a strategic cloud partner for operators needs to deeply understand telecom data, networks, and applications. Huawei Cloud, the fastest-growing cloud service provider in Africa, has proven through successful partnerships with over 120 global operators, including Ethio Telecom, that Huawei is the best partner for operators transitioning to digital service providers.

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