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Dance Groups to Unite Ahead of Losar

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Ahead of Losar, the Tibetan New Year, various dance groups including the Dora Tramo group, Majnu Ka Tila local group and Bodh Gaya group will gather in Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila to perform Gorshey on Lhakar (White Wednesday), an auspicious day in Tibetan culture. The event will serve as a vibrant prelude to the upcoming festivities of Losar, celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervor with Dharamsala set to host next. Gorshey, a significant cultural expression, symbolises unity, joy, spiritual devotion and prosperity showcasing reverence for heritage with rhythmic movements to traditional music.

Group members expressed their excitement for the upcoming celebrations and the opportunity to share their cultural heritage with the broader community.

Tenzing Norbu saying, “These gatherings keep our culture alive.” Tenzing Bhuti, another member, shared, “It is a joyous occasion to connect with fellow Tibetans.”

Sonam Phunchok remarked, “Our dances reflect our identity and resilience.” Khandu Wangmo adding, “We’re excited to showcase our traditions and unity.”

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